Do you think Destiny will be the best first-person shooter game of the year?

  • Destiny should be the best game.

    Destiny should be the best game becuase its not just PvP. Its full of fun and exitment. Destiny is the best beacuse gamers get exited when they get Hawmoon. TLW last word and Suros and more. Destiny has a huge story line and super fun. Some levels are fun. Destiny is the best

  • Bungie has proved them selves time and time again for good first person shooters.

    Like the starting statement Bungie (the creator of the halo series) has done really well with their last game Halo:Reach before passing the torch to 343 ,but onto Destiny I have the game and it is amazing. Even though the story is short ,but altogether it is a good game.

  • Yes, Destiny will be the best first-person shooter game of the year

    Yes, Destiny will be the best first-person shooter game of the year. How could it not be? The producers have spent more money on it than most Hollywood films. With that amount of money spent on the game, everything should be awesome. Awesome storyline and awesome graphics that really draw in the player. It is sure to be a winner because the still frames that were released look amazing.

  • Best among the rest.

    Pre orders for the game has forecasted the future for the game of next generation to top off selling charts with 10 million to 15 million copies sold during the year. The game provides a unique gaming experience for the players which no other game has provided yet. It is a sci-fi online shooter game.

  • Yes, Destiny provides a setting that is currently missing.

    Destiny is going to provide a setting within the gaming world that is currently lacking within MMO, even if it is not currently defined as a traditional MMO. I believe that the mythic science fiction setting of Destiny will allow players to visit a world that they have previously not been able to see as a common platform. This is an important setting to bring to the front, as overall science fiction is a growing genre of games, reading, and movies that the general public will take by storm.

  • Bungee has proven time and again that they make the best first-person shooter games

    Destiny developer Bungee has a long track record for making critically acclaimed first-person shooters that offer gamers the best first-person shooter experience available on consoles. The Halo series is deservedly among the greatest first-person shooters ever made and Destiny is simply an evolution of that formula. Using the full processing power available to them, Bungee has crafted a game in Destiny that will undoubtedly be the ultimate first-person shooter and on the shortlist for overall game of the year.

  • (Long Term) Expense for (initial) sparse content

    Despite the amount of hype and promise of Destiny, the game arguably does not provide enough content for its price. In addition, inevitable future DLC's, which usually are about $30, will raise the already (relatively) high price of $50 for the game. This is already happening as new DLC is being sold at the moment, raising the current price of the game to about $80, which still lacks a sufficient amount of content.

  • MMORPG's don't qualify for that title.

    Its a RPG shooter its not a first person shooter game like Halo and CoD even though Halo was made by the same game creators does not mean that this game will meet the same level of unique game-play. Destiny is to be a shooter and RPG game at the same time which may reduce its ability to get game of the year.

  • There's too much hype:

    The best "X" of the year is almost always a hidden gem. Overhyped games tend to never live up to their hype so it will be painful to see the outcome. Most games like this just really don't turn the tides in a way that's dependable or markedly interesting when compared to those "gems".

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