Do you think development of new infrastructure (yes) takes precedence over basic necessities such as clean drinking water (no)?

  • Over Basic Necessities

    I personally think that Land fill are very dangerous to the environment. It causes many different chemicals to get into the ground and can hurt people can animals. It would be better to find a safe way to contain it where the contamination would leak very little or not at all. Kind of what they're trying to do with uranium rods.

  • Basic necessities are vital to our survival.

    The creation of new infrastructures can improve the way we live, but they are not as important as the infrastructures that keep us alive. We need clean water, power, and roads for transportation of goods and services. Without first maintaining these basic needs, we won't be around to enjoy the improvements that new infrastructures might bring.

  • Clean water is the most fundamental of infrastructure.

    Without clean water the idea of modern society comes to an immediate halt. Hand-in-hand with this is adquate water delivery infrastructure obviously, but the development of new infrasturucture could never come at the cost of a basic necessity like clean water. If the new infrastructure were to lower the overall economic cost of water delivery, though, that might be a situation where precedence of the new technology would be better than just repairing pipes.

  • Water comes Before Everything

    While the development of new infrastructure is very important, it should not come at the cost of messing up our water supply. We actually seem to be doing a good job of messing up our water supply without the development of new infrastructure. It would be nice if people would think of preserving our water supply, but they do not. They think money first, and then everything else later.

  • not at all

    No, I think that the most important things are the things that keep us alive and that keep all of us healthy, just like having clean drinking water and having clean food. I think that the necessities are the best things that we need to focus on a whole lot more.

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