Do you think Dez Bryan's fourth-down completion in the Packers vs. Cowboys game should have been overturned?

  • Yes it should

    Yes, it was a bad call for the detroit lions, because they said if they were going to cry about this game then they should go back and play the detroit lions again because those are the only people they can beat. they called the ball on the cowboys when they shouldn't have.

  • No, Dez Bryant's fourth down completion should not have been overturned.

    This was a wild call, and I think that it was the wrong one. He plucked that ball out of midair like a maniac, and just because the ball may have hit the ground afterwards doesn't mean that he lost control of it. In fact, his arm hit the ground first.

  • Cry Cry Me a River

    The Dez Bryan fourth-down completion versus the Packers was not a complete catch. The National Football League rules state there has to be substantial evidence to overturn a final call. Throughout the various slow-motion video observed by the referees there was no evidence of a completed catch. The Cowboys should accept that this year was not their year to go all the way.

  • Call on Dez Bryan's Completion Stands

    Dez Bryan's fourth-down completion in the Packers vs. Cowboys game should have not been overturned. The referees devoted a fair amount of time and effort to this call. Literally, they could still be turning over both sides in order to definitively make the correct call. There is no perfect call on anything in this life. For those who must continue to talk about it, there always will be conversation on both sides of this call.

  • It was a catch

    He took 3 steps, switched hands and reached for the goal line. How is that not a football move. Dean blandino's explanation of the call basically said that if he caught the ball and ran 50 yards, fell and hit the ground but lost the ball; it would be ruled no catch. If the right call was made, Cowboy's have a chance of winning superbowl and Tony Romo doesn't get hurt in 2015. This just changed Tony's future for the worse.

  • Sam Shields even admitted that Dez caught it...

    After the game in a press-conference Sam Shields even admitted to the Catch. He said that Dez Bryant obviously made contact with the ground with his arms. In the NFL when you catch a ball and you land on the ground without the ball touching it, that is considered a fair catch. In the game Dez Bryant never had the ball clearly made contact with the ground. Therefore it was a fair catch, and it should have been overturned by the referees.

  • Its a catch

    To all the critics out their Dallas had nothing to do with the refs blowing the Detroit game. Dallas came back against them in a fair way . Now to the WORST CALL EVER Dez made the catch. Why is that well he maintain position of the ball and the ball never touched the ground

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