• Yes, diet has an impact on lupus symptoms.

    Many people do not realize the impact that the food they eat has on their bodies. The food we eat can either strengthen our bodies or it can weaken our bodies and make us ill. Symptoms of lupus are based around inflammation. Many foods can increase inflammation in our bodies. Eliminating those foods that increase inflammation can decrease or eliminate lupus symptoms.

  • Yes, diet can affect a lot.

    It is not clear specifically that lupus can be cured with diet, but it is pretty certain that diet can help alleviate a lot of the symptoms from many diseases, including lupus. We are what we eat and including natural vitamins and minerals and eliminating chemical processing can only be helpful.

  • If its stupid, but works, it isn't stupid.

    Lupus is an unfortunate affliction that causes joint discomfort and skin irritation for seemingly no reason. This discomfort can be crippling. If eating garlic provides relief for joint pain, then eat more garlic. If eating home made bread over processed results in more manageable skin irritation, then do that. If rubbing Oak leaves and river mud on a rash provides relief, then do that. Any respite in a life of agony is well worth the risk of it being truly based in science or not.

  • Diet Changes For Lupus Symptoms

    I personally think that diet changes can help treat lupus symptoms the reason being is because lupus is any of various diseases or conditions marked by inflammation of the skin which can affect how a person eats as well as how they might treat their body. I personally think that diet changes can help symptoms of lupus because it is a disease that can affect not only a person's body but it affects the overall person.

  • It can help manage symptoms.

    Yes, I think that diet changes can treat or eliminate lupus symptoms, because people with lupus have special dietary needs that can be addressed. There is no one thing that people with lupus are supposed to eat. Instead they need a diet full of grains, fruits, and vegetables, which will make the immune system strong and give the person a lot of energy.

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