• Disc jockeys are just another form of media

    Yes, disc jockeys and other media outlets have been going to far for rating since the beginning of ratings. If there is no controversy, the rating tend to slip and profits are lost. I think that radio station owners go out and find the loudest and sometime rudest personality they can find in order to catch the most attention, which in the end boost their ratings.

  • I think so.

    I think that since the era of Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, disc jockeys have learned that saying controversial things makes people pay attention to you, whether they are true or not. Often negative attention is just as good if not better for getting listeners to tune in than none at all.

  • Disc jockeys go too far to get ratings.

    Disc jockeys go too far to get ratings. Although there is freedom of speech in this country, many radio personalities go too far and cross a line of propriety. It is not acceptable to make comments that are offensive to women or minorities just to get higher ratings and more advertising money.

  • Most follow a format.

    No, I do not think that disc jockeys go too far to get ratings, because most people listen to DJs for the type of music that they play, not the type of antics that they engage in during their segments. DJs are really only a small part of a radio station, and most of them follow predetermined programming schedules.

  • Haven't Noticed It

    I do not believe disc jockeys go too far to get ratings. From what little time I spend listening to the radio, I haven't noticed an disc jockeys doing anything out of the norm or potentially offending in order to raise their ratings. I think these people realize that radio is a dying a brand.

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