• It'll attract all the families with children.

    I worked at a summer camp over the summer, and the little girls there adored Frozen. Even in 2015, I still see Frozen decorations everywhere - Olaf plushes, Elsa dolls, Frozen posters, and even Frozen cups and shirts. I personally think Frozen is a good movie, but not the greatest movie of all time. Even my mom, a preschool teacher, has little kids burst into "Let it Go" at least twice a day. So if Disney has "Frozen" themed cruises, of course all the little kids are going to want to go on it. So of course, they'll sell like hotcakes.

  • It's so popular.

    Yes, I think that Disney's new "Frozen" themed cruises will be a hit, because that movie is so popular, people will pay big money to be a part of it. I have a 12 year old boy, and even he loves Frozen, and he loves singing the songs from Frozen. This will be a hit.

  • Yes, Disney's new "Frozen" themed cruises will be a success.

    The Disney "Frozen" movie was a great success, and anything attached to the name "Frozen" is sure to succeed as well. The "Frozen" themed cruises will attract families with small children and will appeal to both young boys and girls. Many adults are entranced by the Frozen movie as well and will surely enjoy a "Frozen" themed cruise.

  • For a while

    I have never seen the movie Frozen, but its obvious to me that the movie was immensely popular. With that being said for now the ride should be a huge success, if the movie is able to stand the test of time and become a classic like several other Disney movies then I see it being a long term attraction.

  • I believe Disney's new "Frozen" based cruises will be a success.

    Disney rides on its waves of success and popularity, more so now with the worldwide popularity of the cartoon movie, Frozen. Disney is launching new cruises with Frozen themes for families and with these new cruises and sailings, Disney will enjoy further success. The Frozen cruises will become one of the more popular family vacation options.

  • For Older Kids,

    It will be very uninteresting.
    Goodness, the songs are annoying enough.
    Elsa and Anna made a snowman, and suddenly it became some magical 'sidekick' , prancing around of not much help,and I'm sure that Olaf would be plastered all over the ship, right?
    With all the younger kids there screaming their voices out (in another way, singing ) this would be a torture for them.
    Maybe younger kids would go for the cruise but NO, for older kids.

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