Do you think doctors of psychiatry make too much money?

  • How much is your mental health worth?

    Apparently 250k dollars a year. The thing is that they are getting paid 250k dollars a year for putting anti depressants in the hands of some people, That is all. Doctors, Surgeons, Engineers get paid much less and they contribute much equally, Sometimes more, To this world. So it is beyond me.

  • Get money for prescribing meds

    Yes they get money just for diagnosing someone with a disorder. They also get extra money if they prescribe something. They just sit on their butts and write done stuff just to get money. I don’t trust psychiatrists. They like to mess up people’s brains because it gives them more money.

  • Yes Psychiatrists are overpaid

    Psychiatrists are overpaid that's why they botched schizophrenia treatment. It's hugely misdiagnosed in blacks, antipsychotics have high noncompliance rates, and Medicaid pays for 70 % of antipsychotics. Schizophrenia is a harmless disease because schizophrenics rarely kill or die of suicide. The average salary of a psychiatrist is $100,000 or more in a single year. Psychiatrists do not care if schizophrenia is abolished because psychiatrists will always be okay making 100 grand in a single year.

  • Yes, they are overpaid

    With a median salary of 180,000 according to BLS. Only the rich can afford to pay for their services and what kind of problems would wealthiest humans have besides boredom. "They devote their lives" hardly. If not working past 3pm and not before 10 am and taking a 1hr 30min lunch break (my ortho), or taking every wed and Friday off for golf (my dentist) then I feel bad for the people on aid trips to Africa for there lack of devotion and empty pockets.

  • Yes, they are rather overpaid for their services.

    I think doctors of psychiatry are considerably overpaid. Because their hourly rates are so astronomical, most insurance companies cover just a small portion and limit the number of visits to a mere handful. If the average lay person has an issue with their adolescent child that requires multiple visits, they could end up paying large amounts out of pocket.

  • What is the worth of your mental health? ! ? !

    A psychiatrist is a person who is there for people when they have no one else, They are there to listen to people and what they have to say when others label them as 'mad men'. If you think that your mental health is completely worthless then you will never understand the value of a psychiatrist and quite frankly i feel sorry for you!

  • No, Psychiatrist have an average salary for medical specialists.

    According to money.Usnew.Com an average physician salary is 188,000. According to work.Chron.Com psychiatrists make 174000. So in fact some psychiatrists are getting paid less than than the average physician. Considering the incredible research that is taking place into mental disorders and neuro-imaging, I feel like psychiatry will see a rise in salary earning in the near future.

  • No, their pay is average for a medical specialist

    All doctors endure a long education, one that lasts until
    they are nearly thirty. They earn big salaries once they begin working, though,
    often by arranging their practice so they see many patients in each hour.
    Doctors of psychiatry, however, cannot pack their day full of patients as some
    specialists can. A doctor of psychiatry does not make a higher hourly income
    than other specialists. He or she earns an average income for someone of this
    level of education and training, but earns it from fewer patients.

  • No, they do not.

    Doctors of psychiatry do not make too much money. They have devoted their life to curing mental illness, which is one of the most noble things one could possibly ever do. Why isn't it asked if surgeons make too much money? Because they physically repair something? Well, so do psychiatrists.

  • NOt at all

    No, I do not think that they make to much money at all. I think that they do an important job for our society, and that it is good that they get paid a lot since they had to go through a whole lot of training to get to there.

  • No, I don't believe that doctors of psychiatry make too much money.

    I believe that Doctors of Psychiatry making the amount of money that they deserve, I believe the market rate for what they are paid is on par with the level of service that they provide to their patients, If they were taking to much money for to little benefit people would stop using them and their pay would decrease.

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