Do you think Donald Rumsfeld ever lied publicly about issues involving prisoner abuse and torture during the Iraq War?

  • Yes,Donald Rumsfeld publicly lied about issues involving prisoner abuse and torture during the Iraq war.

    Donald Rumsfeld must have lied about some issues involving prisoner abuse.After all he was in charge of the department that had the duties of prisoner oversight.The buck has to stop with the guy in charge so it was his responsibility to know everything that was going on in the war.

  • Donald Rumsfeld Lied About Everything

    Donald Rumsfeld lied about everything regarding the Iraq War, including whether or not Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in 2003. The warmongering Bush administration went to war with Iraq anyway, without UN permission and without a valid excuse. Of course Rumsfeld lied about abuse and torture because he knew about it and needed to cover it up to prevent any issues with the Geneva Convention that bans torture in the first place. If Rumsfeld knew about it and condoned it, the International Criminal Court could put out a warrant for war crimes against the former Secretary of Defense.

  • All about presentation

    Yes, I do think that Donald probably told some lies about what happened in Iraq, but I also think he should have. He should present the information about what happened so that people do not know exactly what they did. It was war, and they did what they had to.

  • Rumsfeld's pants were on fire.

    All of the appointees in Bush The Lesser's administration were liars. So I don't see how Donald Rumsfeld would have been any different. The United States committed, and continues to commit, horrendous human rights violations of prisoner abuse and torture. We will never know the full extent of the barbaric acts done in our name.

  • More Than Likely

    When it came to exposing issues regarding prisoner abuse and torture during the Iraq War politicians started playing the blame game, as well as deflecting or out right denying the claims. Wikileaks believes they revealed evidence that proved Rumsfeld lied about these topics and I believe he more than likely did.

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