Do you think Donald Rumsfeld's business career affected his decisions made in political office?

  • I think that his career plays..

    I think that Donald Rumsfeld's career plays a big part in the decision which wasa made at the white house. I think that they seen how good he was at what he did so they took him and gave him another opportunity to shine as he does when he is at his career.

  • In Some Ways

    I believe Donald Runsfeld's business career more than likely affected decisions he made in political office. I believe a persons experience in the world is going to influence everything they do in life, it doesn't necessarily mean its a bad thing. It does give a person an opportunity to see problems from several different angles.

  • Donald Rumsfeld acted ina manner which helped Donald Rumsfeld

    In order to understand any man's motivations, we must define what motivates him. Mr. Rumsfeld will undoubtedly cite love for his country and intimate knowledge of KBR and Lockheed Martin that influenced his decision to use these companies to support the Iraq War. The alternative theory would be that he chose the companies that he had professional interest in to support the soldiers overseas. Considering there was almost no competition for the bid because KBR was the only company with the experience and resources to take on such a contract at the time, it is not a stretch to assume the contract was specifically designed for KBR. This is not a new tactic and to anyone paying attention it is quite obvious.

  • Of course they did

    I think that Rumsfeld's business career most definitely affected his decisions, but not because he was actively working for those older business interests specifically. People are shaped by their whole lives and the experiences that are included therein, so how could his long time work experiences not affect his decisions?

  • That's what Rhinos do.

    Yes, I think that Donald Rumsfeld's business career affected his decisions made in political office, because he was acting in his own business interests, just like Dick Cheney was. The Republicans are very friendly with big business, and Rumsfeld used his position to promose his business interests. That is what all politicians do, not just Republicans. All politicians act for themselves.

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