Do you think Donald Trump will become president?

Asked by: Crk
  • He is better than the rest. (Hillary)

    Trump hasn't said anything racist. Wanting to deport illegals (the majority of whom are Mexican) is not racist it's logical. Although that technically isn't relevant to wether of not he will become president (which was the question). I was rebutting the other posters

    But the reason he will become president is due to the fact that the left has alienated much of their support by policing speech and blaming white people for all their problems. They also have managed to alienate many minorities by condemning their opinions because they don't fall in line with want they should believe. Which i believe is a abhorrently racist act. Such narrative suggests that minorities are incapable of forming their own opinions.

    Hillary is a liar and in the pocket of so many institutions as well as a walking contradiction for example her stance on women who have ben raped being heard whilst she silenced the women who made allegations of rape against Bill.

    I don't agree with all trumps tactics such as name calling and such an in an ideal world it would be condemned but I would like to point out that Democrats are generally worse for mudslinging and insults and it seems they can't take their own medicine.

  • I really don't want it to happen

    I don't like the guy or his ideology's but I just think there are too many ignorant and desperate people in this world that will vote for him. He sounds a lot like Hitler with his "building a wall to keep the Mexicans out theory" and "No more Muslims in the country until we know what's going on". Personally, no offense to America but it is still quite a racists and anti-Muslim country. I say this because not long ago there have been some extreme acts of racism such as police shooting at black people etc. This just shows that people of different origins are not so widely accepted and even though people say that everyone is accepted into America there are still numerous amounts of people who have the same ideology's and beliefs as Donald Trump.

  • Well I mean yes

    7/12/2017 Donald Trump is president and I was actually pleasantly surprised I supported him on some matters and now that he wonn despite being a mexican I say he is right on some subjects but needs a lot of guidance in other stuff or probably to be informed more.
    Yes Im indeed a mexican that supprots trump

  • He's the best out of all of the candidates.

    Take a look at who is in the race. It's Trump against Sanders or Clinton. One is a socialist who can't get anything done, and the other is a liar with no accomplishments aside from being a woman. People are realizing that Trump is the only one who can make America great.

  • Trump is an idiot, but America will fall for him.

    Personally, I would NEVER vote for Trump. Neither would I vote for Hilary. I believe both candidates would make for an awful presidency: one is a racist buffon who has no idea how modern economics operates, while the other flip flops virtually on ALL her policies. Bernie Sanders was the only viable candidate, but guess what..Washington doesn't deserve someone as progressive as him. In regards to the general election, if Hilary becomes the nominee...Then Trump will most likely beat her. Just in the recent polls this week and last week, he has been either in a dead tie or beating Clinton by 2-5 points. America pick one of the two evils and enjoy the show.

  • Shouldn't have To Say So

    The other two choices are a mass murder or a Communist. Hillary's crimes are easily verified. Think of her crimes which we don't even know about. Barney Sand Castle is Communist. Communism has created the worst mass murders and slave labor prisons in History. In this day of verifiable information any who are unaware or compliant with these facts don't deserve a place in civilization, let alone a vote.

  • Trump will be president

    US Citizens are seeking change and while Trump is offering radical change, Hilary Clinton is just riding on the legacy of Obama. Will Trump's change be for the better? Maybe, maybe not, but just imagine, the FBI is investigating Clinton concerning her email scandal. Being investigated in the middle of an election! Trump's ability to fund his own campaign also sends a strong message that he's the most likely one to not be "bought" by rich campaign funders. So Trump has some stuff going for him; and all the accusations against his character doesn't seem to be stopping the public from making him the Republican Nominee, so why would it stop him from bein president?

  • He's actually the only one

    Of course he might become president, he's actually really smart , he just uses dirty politics but other than that he's really smart. Hillary Clinton there's no way she can become president she's done illegal stuff. Bernie is not on top only trump so obviously I think
    he might be the president of united states of america because he's actually the only one on top

  • I hope so

    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.
    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.
    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.
    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.
    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.
    Donald Trump would be one of our greatest president.

  • He's outsmarted the rest of the candidates by a mile.

    Like him or hate him there is no denying that he's a smart guy, he has done what most people would have deemed impossible only a few years ago. The persuasion techniques he's using are on a whole different level than the ones his opponents are using, which is why he will win.
    Also I took a look at the promises he made on his website and if he follows through with them the US will benefit...... The only real issue with him is that there is absolutely no way to know weather or not he's going to actually do what he promised.

  • His opinions show who he truley is.

    Donald Trump is a racist, greed for power, kind of man who if becomes president, our country will fall. Not for his Ideas, but for the amount of leaders who hate the man. Conflicts, and wars will start, done deal. We need a leader who knows how to run a government, who is NOT A KING, and is equal to everyone, every race, every gender!

    Posted by: Crk
  • He has no political experience and he's a complete idiot.

    First of all he says senseless things which are not very presidential. Also does he really expect mexico to pay for his wall? He is a selfish person and as president he will most likely help himself and his businesses. ALso who the hell will elect trump over hillary. She lies a lot but she has way more political experience and is way smarter than trump.

  • He will never be one.He will never be one.

    He's a dog and hell no he won't be president. He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one.He will never be one. He will never be one.He will never be one.

  • Sadly, I think he will become the president of the US

    I am personally not a fan of Donald J Trump, but because of the stupidest people that love the idiot, he might become president. I would but like to say FUCK YOU DONALD TRUMP FOR BEING A SON OF A BITCH AND A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!! Thank you very much Donald trump

  • Just an idiot

    Donald trump is a man who is using what people call dirty politics. Showing people the dark side of everything so they choose a BRAVE man to lead them. But in all truth, Donald Trump is not brave, he is such an egotistic racist bastard who does not deserve power, of any kind whatsoever.

  • Donald Trump seeks to destroy everything our founding fathers fought long and hard for.

    Donald Trump has stated repeatedly that he wants to force all Mexican immigrants out of America and have Mexico build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. This is racism in its entirety, not the freedom America is supposed to stand for. I cannot believe that most of the morons who support Trump state it was a mistake to abolish slavery. If those people had bothered to open up a damn history book and read about slavery in America, they would realize just how terrible slavery really was and why it was outlawed. I know for a fact that if Trump became presidency, racial discrimination would rise again given the kind of man he is. Besides, Trump has a long history of owning many businesses, most of which went bankrupt, which means that Trump cannot handle the country's money supply responsibly. I can only hope that more and more rational people step up and take a stand against bigots like Trump who seek to tarnish America's reputation as a free nation. Now, because of the surge of rational thinkers in our country, I believe Donald Trump will lose the presidential election because nobody with a logical mind would bother to vote for a racist liar like Trump. I know that Trump's campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again", but the only thing Trump will succeed is bringing ruin to America. Dump him.

  • It's Probably Going to be Clinton

    I'm not saying that it is definitely not going to be Trump, but I'd say Clinton is more likely to win. There is too much controversy surrounding Trump and a large number of Republicans stand against him. The amount of drama that happens with Trump, in my opinion, is going to hinder him in the election and give the presidency to Clinton.

  • He is dumb

    He is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb he is dumb

  • I hope not

    Trump has made our country a laughing stock with all his bigoted rhetoric, and having him being the commander in chief will only make it worse. Having him be president will destroy all our diplomatic ties. Trump is not qualified to be a politician, he has no political experience and he's a bigoted egomaniac.

  • Regardless of who you support....

    It seems far more likely that Hillary Clinton is going to win.

    Erm, I don't really have anything else to add so... 28 more words needed, 24 more words needed, 20 more words needed, 16 more words needed, 12 more words needed, 8 more words needed, 4 more words needed.

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