• Yes he will

    Yes this is true. I believe that Donald Trump will bring back coal. He is potential and does what he promises. He has already done some of the things that he promised. Therefore, i believe bringing back coal will not be a big deal and that this will come to pass and we we all be happy about it.

  • He promised to.

    Reading Trump's written agenda very carefully, he promises to make full use of traditional sources of power. That means coal and nuclear power, among other things. He promised in his campaigning that he would use coal to put the Midwest back to work. He was elected in large part because of this promise. He will be good to his word.

  • Nothing will bring back coal

    Coal is a dying industry, and that's a good thing. Technology has improved to the point at which we no longer really need coal. And though that hurts the people who have been mining coal for generations, it's a great thing for everybody else. Trump can't do anything to bring back coal except ban better forms of technology, which clearly won't happen.

  • I don't think Donald Trump will bring back coal.

    Donald Trump based much of his campaign on job creation, in particular catering to coal miners in the Virginias. However, bringing back coal as a viable option for energy is not likely. Other sources of energy have proven to be more accessible and better for the environment. Unfortunately many workers have been displaced in the coal industry, but offering them false hope is wrong, especially when trying to win an election.

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