• Yes, Doug Hughes will be charged with a crime.

    Doug Hughes has done what many people would think unimaginable. His plan was well planned over a significant period of time and he went through with it despite knowing that there was a possibility of him ending up dead during the execution of the plan. He might be a security threat which may lead to him being charged on security grounds.

  • Doug Hughes Will Be Charged With Crime

    Doug Hughes the Florida Mailman will be charged with a crime for flying his gyro-copter onto the capitol lawn. Though he was well meaning in his attempt to protest a perceived injustice, he could have put people in danger. In these times of high security there are a lot of possibilities of a serious situation developing due to officials response to perceived attack. Also despite any terror concerns flying into a well visited tourist attraction can put people at risk if something went wrong with flight.

  • Yes, Doug Hughes should and will be charged with a crime.

    To land a flying aircraft on the capital lawn because you are trying to make a point is simply illegal. If he is allowed to do it with no punishment, that would open the door for others, with potential malice or terroristic intent, to do the same. Doug Hughes should definitely be charged with something.

  • Give Him a Medal

    I do not believe he should be charged with anything. Are the grounds he landed on not belonging to the American people? He had no weapons, No way of injuring anyone except by landing on them. After being forced into bankruptcy by our government, I can see where his statement needed to be heard. I cant say that I wouldn't have done the same. We need more citizens willing to stand up to the big bad government and remind them of who pays their salaries and why they have a job.

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