Do you think Dr. Nancy Snyderman's credibility is damaged after she violated an Ebola-related quarantine?

  • I would never respect her agai Nancy Snyderman violates quarantine

    I would never respect her again. She obviously thinks the rules do not apply to her and has shown disrespect for the American public. Who are these newscasters who assume the public will allow them to operate with impunity? NBC needs to remove her for her brazen arrogance and stupidity.

  • Yes it should be

    I think that it would have been a great idea to keep with the quarantine, it would have shown that she actually cared about possibly passing it along here in America. The fact that she blatantly violated her quarantine just shows how much she does not care for others, which, in a doctors line of work is something that she needs to show she DOES.

  • Dr. Nancy Snyderman's violation of Ebola quarantine is unforgivable

    When someone is suspected of having Ebola or being exposed to the deadly virus, people usually understand the quarantine as the disease spreads so quickly. Perhaps that is why Dr. Nancy Snyderman's violation of a quarantine is so outrageous. A doctor herself, she had to understand the risks and know that it was for the greater good. Not only should she be fired from her current job, she should find herself a new profession as the damage she caused by not following basic rules has ruined her credibility.

  • lost cause for Snyderman

    After the recent activities about Ebola-related quarantine which involved Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The quarantine restricted her to stay indoors for 21days which she violated which has hampered her public image as well as many people look up to her. She is someone who should act responsible but with recent incident her credibility is bound to get damaged.

  • Yes, Dr. Nancy Snyderman's credibility is absolutely damaged after what she did.

    It doesn't take a medical license to understand that the Ebola outbreak poses a very grave public health threat, and that being the case, that every precaution must be taken to prevent its spread. That Snyderman, herself a doctor and supposed medical expert, then went on to break standard protocol absolutely ruins her credibility as a medical journalist.

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