Do you think drinking alcohol makes you into who you really are (yes), or rather who you really want to be (no)?

Asked by: cp8
  • Not a good question

    You're the exact same person, except intoxicated. Whatever you or I make up in yours or my mind to explain that is yours or my business... "I think therefore I am... (drunk)". It doesn't "make" you who you really are, because you're already that, so there's no logic... 2 words

  • Bad question format for I say NEITHER

    "who you really are" and "who you really want to be" are just terms people use as guides in decision-making. There is no fixed reality to them. If you decide that how you act when you're drunk is more the real you and start incorporating that into your life while you're sober it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. And I'm not saying it's necessarily a bad one as alcohol can be a good social lubricant.

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