• Moderate Drinking Good for Health

    I think that research has shown that moderate drinking can be good for health. Red wine one thing that is talked about a lot as being good for health by having 1-2 glasses per night. I also think that moderate drinking can help in reducing stress a little because it gives people a little time to unwind.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, I believe that drinking in moderation is good for your health. How much and what you drink is important. There are studies that have been done on the effects of drinking a glass or two of wine every day that show clear and positive health benefits to the habit. It reduces heart disease among other things.

  • Drink it up

    By drinking a little bit you are letting loose and you feel more relaxed and at peace. This automatically helps you by taking stress out of the occasion. By not being stressed for that little amount of time each week it will allow you to relax and just be yourself and bring more happiness to your life. Also certain wines can help you by giving you antioxidants.

  • Yes, with moderation being the key word.

    I think drinking in moderation is good for a person's health. The problem is everyone has a different definition of moderation. I would consider one to two drinks per day, maybe three to five times a week to be moderate. Many of the red wines have been proven to be beneficial due to antioxidants and resveratrol.

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