• Expand the strikes

    Drone strikes should be expanded because it is a good way to kill the enemy and keep our troops safe at the same time. The people that control the drones need to be very skilled at the practice in order to not to kill any unintended people in the area.

  • Yes the use of drone strikes should be expanded.

    The use of drone as offensive weapons should be expanded. The cost of sortie flown with drones is literally millions of dollars less than the same sortie flown with manned aircraft, not even considering the fact it removes the risk to the life of the pilot of a manned aircraft.

  • Yes, drone strikes should be extended.

    I believe that drone strikes should be extended. I do not see anything wrong with using drone strikes to execute military missions. If anything, they should be encouraged since they're a good away to accomplish a task without having to put the lives of soldier in the military in danger.

  • No, drone strikes should not be used by the U.S.

    February 4th, 2002, was the date of the first drone strike performed by the U.S. Since this first strike, the U.S. has followed up with numerous strikes that seem to kill all but their intended targets. In Pakistan alone, drone strikes have killed nearly 3,400 people since 2004, only 2% of which were high profile targets. This means that the 98% are made up of alleged combatants, civilians and children. In 2006 there was an attack on a supposed Taliban training camp that resulted in 86 civilian casualties. 69 of those caught in the strike were children. The terrible effects of drones on other parts of the world are not hidden, yet the U.S. continues their use because of their cheapness and unwillingness to send in actual troops. This leads into the philosophical idea of drones, Daniel R. Brunstetter, a political scientist at the University of California, states, “in the just-war tradition, there’s the notion that you only wage war as a last resort.” This is worrisome for many as the U.S. seems to use drone strikes for just about any cause. The ability to blow up anything at any time is taking the humanity out of war and placing it in the hands of some guy with a joystick and a computer monitor. Whether you believe in U.S. drone strikes or not, here is a quote by 13 year old Pakistani boy Zubair, “I no longer love blue skies. In fact, I now prefer grey skies. The drones do not fly when the skies are grey.”

  • No, there should be fewer.

    Drones sound really scary to me and also sound really unpredictable. They are dangerous to the average person in the street, even when they are being aimed at military personnel or military bases. It is embarrassing that the United States is starting to use this type of technology right now.

  • I think they will cause the next arms race.

    I think the use of drones is taking us to a very dangerous place. At the moment, only the United States is using them, so no one in the west is particularly bothered by their use. However It can only be a matter of time before the bad guys learn how to use them as well. The idea of terrorists and hostile states being able to fly drones over the US and Europe is terrifying.

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