Do you think Duke’s recent win will offset the bowl game losses of the previous years and give them an edge in the 2016 recruitment?

  • Duke's Pinstripe Bowl victory should give them an edge in the 2016 recruitment.

    While it doesn't completely erase their previous bowl game losses, Duke has shown they have what it takes to go all the way. They have had a strong team under their head coach, David
    Cutcliffe, their last few seasons, but couldn't manage to win the championship. Since that losing streak has been broken, I would think they will be in a much better recruiting position in 2016.

  • A Bowl Game Win Is Always A Bonus

    Let's face it, when you win a bowl, the attention brought about to the winning school, coaches and players, doubles. With all eyes on the school performance in sports, and a big bowl win, the recruiting level goes up in value. Recruiters usually have no problem finding and recruiting players when they can use the victory to promote the school and their sport. Players also look to schools with a winning record, hoping to ride on the coat tails of the big win.

  • 2016 recruitment for Duke is looking good

    Coach Mike Krzyzewski, with over 1,000 career victories, and the 5-year winning streak of the Dukes Basketball Team should bring some very attractive future players prospects in its' 2016 recruitment. The Blue Devils are looking healthy, wealthy and wise and they should have some very competent players trying to be a part of this program.

  • Duke football success

    I completely disagree with the debate question because Duke has always been a school that top athletes go to to play basketball, not football. In my mind, in order for Duke to attain an edge in 2016 recruitment, they would have had to make the college football playoff bracket and win the national championship.

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