Do you think Dune would have been a better film if Salvator Dali had directed with a score by Pink Floyd?

  • I no nothing about the movie but...

    I have no knowledge about this movie called "Dune". But it appears as if the picture you have applied to this opinion poll represents a dildo and a fake vagina in a desert. I am not sure that the picture is appropriate for this site. But then again I am no expert on this sexual movie.
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • The surrealist aspect of Dune would have been better served.

    The plans to make Dune featuring Salvador Dali and Pink Floyd would have captured the otherwordly, disjointed and alienated sensation evoked by the novel on the big screen. This film would have probably been a lot more artistically, intellectually and philosophically profound than the blockbuster style take that was released in 1984.

  • Salvador Dali would have made a better Dune

    The Dune franchise was very poor, and Dali would have done a much better job directing. The Herbert book was not accurately represent on screen. House Atreides and its plight would have been much better served with a Pink Floyd score because the band is amazing and the actual score was poor.

  • Dune would have failed no matter who did the score.

    Dune was an amazing book but during that era of film making the visual effects needed could not have been created. The director attach the film seem to have done the best they could have done with the budget but needed even more money to accomplish certain things for the movie. The soundtrack was not the reason for the film not doing well at the box office.

  • No, it would not be better

    It is hard to say if the film would be better, but it would surely be different. Considering the fact that every artist has a specific style, and a unique way of interpretation, the results can vary. Also there is a great diversity in the audience, so one can never know if the film have a great success.

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