• Yes, he does

    E.J. Dionne does attack people on his facebook page. Just have a browse through it and you will see what he says. The same goes for a lot of political commentators on social media. People fire shots at them and they retaliate. You can see the same from many others in the media.

  • E.J. Dionne Facebook Page

    I personally agree,I have not really read too many of E.J. Dionee's columns to make a significant analysis of his work, but for the few that I have read, I do believe he makes some valid points. Like any other journalist and columnist these days, a lot of his work is also a bit on the bias side.

  • He calls people out.

    Yes, I think that E. J. Dionne attacks people on his Facebook page, because if you look at it, he calls someone out in almost every post. Dionne's Facebook page is more about finding fault with things that other people have said, than it is about putting out his own ideas. Most people are more positive on Facebook.

  • Yes, E. J. Dionne does attack people on his Facebook page.

    When a person is in a role that is very public, it is quite easy for that individual to make some enemies. And a lot of those people and critics will use mediums to challenge and attack somebody like E.J. Dionne. I think that he does verbally attack his critics on Facebook page during arguments.

  • E. J. Dionne reacts to people on his Facebook page.

    E. J. Dionne has been accused of attacking people on Facebook. The funny thing about Facebook is that if you do not want to see something, you have the free privilege to block it. People that jump onto E.J.'s Facebook and create turmoil are there of their own volition. No one is forcing them to be there. These people thrive on conflict, and E.J. merely defends himself on his own page. Don't like it? Don't visit it.

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