• It is not about killing to eat, it is about destroying land and water systems, including the ocean, to eat gluttonously

    I could site 20 documentaries and 50 articles, but I will keep this simple. Feed to meat least to most. = Chicken, Pork, Goat/mutton, Beef. Water consumption in liters per kg meat=Goat-1,000, Chicken 4,000, Pork 5,000, Beef 15,000.
    Ending government subsidized beef globally and switching to beans, chicken, and pork alone would put us near global emissions goals for 2020 and keep a lot of chemicals out of the water system.

    "... Almost a third of the land on Earth is used to produce meat and animal products.
    This means much less deforestation and land degradation if so many plant crops weren’t run through the digestive tracts of cattle. If Americans traded their beef for beans, the researchers found, that would free up 42 percent of U.S. crop land."


  • God happened. So?

    God says in the Bible exactly what you are allowed to eat (kosher) and what not. He created the animals and He knows what's best for them.
    They were created only to be eaten.
    Sorry, Mr. And Mrs. Cow, you both are for supper tonight. Grilled.
    Because, mmmm... Grilled steak! Got me?

  • I've Been Eating Meat My Whole Life

    Eating meat is not immoral. I've been eating it my whole life. Eating meat is a part of everyday life. I view eating meat as necessary to my health and well being. Meat provides benefits, such as proteins and nutrients, that other foods do not. People have eaten meat throughout history.

  • It's in our nature.

    Humans are naturally inclined to eat meat and plants, so it isn't some horrible crime to continue doing it. As long as we regulate the industry so that the animals are raised and killed humanely, then there shouldn't be a problem. In the end, it is a matter of choice whether or not you will eat meat.

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