• Yes I think does

    I believe economics tarnishes what it means to be human, to have emotions, to observe and grow mentally. I believe that the economy makes us value money and materials and makes us sociopathic. We lose the beauty in us, the emotions, what it means to be human and our passion for things.

  • A fool would believe otherwise.

    Currency was originally designed to be a medium. A measure system to ensure fairness of barter. But consider this. If you want beans bad enough to trade a blanket you made of gold because you're starving, is this not fair barter? Not to mention that currency only makes the humans worst battle harder to fight. Greed.

  • Of course it has ruined humanity!

    What is the real reason or one of the reasons war is fought? Money, of course! Why do people steal? Because of money! Money has divided civilization and has ruined it. Without an economy, we could be more generous to the people. Money is the culprit in the first place!

  • No. Human nature is already ruined. There is no hope for humanity in the very big picture.

    No. Human nature is already ruined. There is no saving humanity and there is no saving the species. It's only going to remain on Earth for a limited time before it rightly goes extinct.

    Humans are evil, evil, evil, like they're worthless God that deserves to die a horrible death!

    Democracy might make things a little better--but not a lot better. So the situation is grim.

  • This is absurd

    The economy is just how people buy, sell, and trade to meet their wants and needs. As long as people exist and people interact there's an economy. The only way to get rid of the economy is for everyone to be completely alone all the time. That's why abolishing the economy is absurd.

  • The economy is an extension of humanity:

    The economy is not something that was created it is something that is innate. Resource management management and behavior ( what we call "Economics" ) is integral to any species on the planet that happens to be social. Sadly most people don't understand what money actually is and think it's evil failing to realize that it is actually an extension of some broken will to survive in a world without scarcity.

  • Economics are just a means to an end.

    The idea that economics are to blame for human decay is nonsense. It's bad morals and ethics and cause such things to happen. I am pretty sure that even during the stone age where economics probably did not exist as a concept, some people were better or worse than others.

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