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  • Common core is commonly terrible.

    Yes, I think that education has changed, because teachers are too busy going to conferences and coming up with strategies to be bothered with teaching. Teachers develop new fads and the students have to try to navigate through them. Common core is a great example of this. Education is not about students anymore.

  • Education has changed

    Education has changed over the decades. The is much more information to learn today but the style for teaching has changed for the worse. The students today are much more difficult to teach because they do not have much respect for the teachers. Parents are also key for their kids learning well.

  • Yes, Change is important for the world to devlope

    The change in the education system is very important and these style of learning should
    be enhanced for better quality output to the society. Teaching and
    understanding the subject will always remain the same , its only the way
    we educate ourselves had been changed. However the pace in the learning
    increases with improved opportunities to learn and enhance your
    knowledge in the society.

  • Education has been dumbed down to a sad level.

    In the effort to be certain all children make it through school and don't get "left behind", the educational system as a whole has decreased it's quality and standards. Teachers are now required to "teach to the tests" which involves mostly memorization rather than critical thinking skills. Children are no longer allowed to fail and this sets them up for a rough reality when they enter the working world that is full of failure. Sadly, education no longer prepares our youths for adulthood.

  • Yes, I think education has changed.

    Over time education has adapted to the upcoming generations, just 2 decades ago schools were teaching writing classes and such and today more and more of the curriculum is focused on technology and computer usage, with the rise of the Internet and technology in general education has adapted and changed.

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