Do you think education is vital to be successful in life?

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  • Not Formal Education

    Education, in one form or another, is a necessary step for success I. A person must learn the ins and outs of something, including business, sales, technology, or some other skill. Whether in a formal setting like college, or through real world experience, an education is required for a person to attain success.

  • "to learn but not think is a waste, but to think and not learn is dangerous" Confucious

    Although education is not the only factor affecting success, It is of course one of the most vital in later life. I understand that ambition, perseverance, and determination all play important roles. However, the unfortunate fact is, aside from the exceptional few,that these qualities alone may not be enough to drive a person to success without a good education. Learning is pivotal in the direction of one's life, and one may find that successful people never stop learning.

    The way society is structured today makes it even more essential to have a good education . As the easiest way for an employer to judge the qualification of a person is their educational background. A good education is therefore vital for opening opportunities in future life.

    Although it may be true that most adults do not remember what they learn in high school, it is the skills and learning processes which are picked up in schools that benefit them throughout their life, and no doubt help with their success. It shocks me to see how some people can be so narrow minded and do not have an understanding of world affairs, but even if facts and figures are not remembered, a good education opens minds into a broader understanding of the world around, and without this, success can never be achieved.

  • If you never get education, you will be stupid human

    Hell yeah. If we talking about vital or not of education impact to our successful, my answer is vital. Can you imagine if you never get an education in your life. You will never know how to count, you will never know how to read, you will never know how to make a good decision. When you can't make a good decision, you will far from successful.

  • Yes, it's necessary.

    A basic education is necessary to fill one's obligations as a responsible citizen. To function without being a burden to society, individuals should have a rudimentary understanding of the intellectual and social concepts conveyed in an educational setting. The extent of schooling is up for debate; as the opposition mentioned, some jobs don't benefit whatsoever from an advanced degree. A college degree is definitely not for everyone. However, regardless of one's definition of "successful," some level of education is vital.

  • Ambition is vital to success

    Given the decline of higher education in America, higher education is starting to become a liability. With the exception of the medical, legal and engineering fields, higher education offers nothing that simple common sense could offer. A person with a four year degree not in the 3 field mentioned is no more qualified to do anything than a high school grad or a self-taught individual. I would hire a self taught individual over a person with a degree in say sociology or any one of those fields that teaches nothing about how to do anything other than criticize other people and what they do. The self taught individuals mind has not been polluted and indoctrinated with a sense of entitlement. Those who know, do it. Those who don't, teach. Ambition and knowledge of the field that is the focus of the ambition is the key to success. If having to take a bunch of useless academic classes mandated by govt that have nothing to do with anything is the only way to reach that goal, then that is what you will have to do. But make no mistake, AMBITION is responsible for your success. Not a grade from a thesis paper.

  • I'm not actually sure.

    Someone may argue that you can't get anywhere in life without an education, since it will equip you with a dynamic range of knowledge that is necessary in life. But I still feel as though in some cases, say for example someone wants to be a successful singer or artist, education isn't required to show everyone your talent - you can still be successful.

  • Shiksha kewal rosj gar ka madyam hai (against)

    Education is not the key of success. It is not important to do education all the time.In today's world it is not important to do study , we also have to focus on our talent also.So my friends don't study all the time.You should also focus on your talent. THANK YOU

  • Education, Theory Mistaken for Practice

    Education is not required to be successful. To have a family and house does not require an education. It depends on what you mean by success. An education is needed for a few things in life not all. Nevertheless, everyone that is educated is not successful. And everyone that is successful is not educated. Correlation is not causation.

  • Generally speaking, yes.

    However, like with everything in this world, there are exceptions. Think of the person who owns The Range stores. He cannot even read or write to this day, I believe. I cannot remember why that came to be the case, but nevertheless it is, and he is a billionaire. Nothing is vital for success

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