• Yes, Unrest Is Not Forever

    Egypt has for a long time been a place of peace. Only recently has violence erupted with the Arab Spring revolts in the Middle East. Egypt is also one of the more sophisticated governments in the Middle East to which the U.S. has strong ties with. This unrest will pass eventually and peace will resume.

  • I think someday, yes.

    The world is moving on and becoming more peaceful as a whole, so as long as we can sustain our planet and not get into a nuclear holocaust, I do think Egypt and every other country on the planet will experience peace. Not perfect tranquility, but a more peaceful and democratic society.

  • Yes Egypt will experience peace.

    Egypt will experience peace because at some point people will get tired of fighting or forget what they are fighting for. As a new generation of Egyptians are born and the world continues to become a melting pot, younger Egyptians will create a new way of thinking about religion and politics.

  • Egypt will stabilise.

    Egypt is the second oldest civilisation in this planet that we know of. It should be renowned for its endurance; spaning from 3100BC to 2014AD so far. Existing still after being conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Rashidun Caliphate, French, British and many more throughout history. It is more than likely they will overcome this period of instability.

  • Yes, I think Egypt will experience peace one day.

    While the Country of Egypt has been in a constant state of unrest in recent years I feel that eventually some of the main fractions causing the unrest will lose their grip of power and eventually fade away and Egypt can finally experience a period of peace before things start to go downhill again.

  • Egypt will experience Peace Again

    Egypt will experience Peace Again, this is a statement that all know to be true in their hearts. If all of mankind's and earth's history is taken into account whenever asking oneself any and all of the questions that might possibly arrise when debating the current topic of today's world, the question of whether or not the state of Egypt will ever experience peace again it is then easy to see that quite often Egypt has experience peace in the past ,,, therefor a predictable peace is once again very likely and probable.

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