Do you think Einstein should have been awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on relativity?

  • It is the most elegant and proven physical theory

    It is the most elegant and proven physical theory. And some asshole posted his stupid negative opinion twice to increase the number of votes. It is remarkable how many opponents TR has and all of them are without a relevant education. This is a perfect display of the Dunning-Kruger syndrome.

  • Greatest Scientific Discovery

    Einstein was, by all definitions, a genius. His scientific discoveries which have recently been confirmed have completely altered the way scientists have looked at the world. Einstein single-handedly reinvented the idea of gravity. He was an incredibly smart and talented man and his efforts deserved commendation by perhaps the most prestigious of scientific awards.

  • Yes, Einstein's work on relativity still informs the direction of science today

    While it's hard to speculate where we'd be without his work, it's fair to say Einstein's work on relativity provides a crucial pinpoint in our understanding of the universe, light, and many other areas of physics and science. Life without these principles today would be much different, as relativity helped us get GPS, cell phones, space travel, nuclear energy and much more.

  • Einstein should have been awarded a Nobel Prize for relativity

    Albert Einstein should have won a Nobel Prize for his work on relativity. Despite popular perceptions, this work never garnered him this prize. Nonetheless, it is groundbreaking and still being used today. In fact, his wide reaching ramifications, particularly given the ground breaking work being done today in astrophysics as we explore the universe.

  • The Theory of Relativity was the beginning of this scientific age.

    It has been a travesty that Professor Einstein never won the Nobel Peace Prize for his Theory of Relativity. It is the reason we went to the moon and why were able to build on that experience and send robots to mars. If it weren't for the Einstein, we wouldn't be able to understand how big the universe really is.

  • Einstein's theory of relativity has changed our world.

    The theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein brought us much closer to an understanding of the speed of light which has made all kinds of technological advances possible. However, his work was controversial at the time and not accepted for a long time after its publication so it is not surprising that his work was passed over for a Nobel Prize. This has happened on other occasions with scientific Nobel Prizes and it would be preferable if there was more reflection on a person's body of work rather than recent breakthroughs in choosing a winner.

  • No. It would be rash.

    The current technology is not sufficient to detect gravitational waves. We must wait for the agreement of other gravitational observatories. Theories does not win Nobel Prize. Wins Nobel Prize who explains effects. We can not renounce the logic while a relativistic effect is actually proven. Furthermore, Einstein did not like bathing.

  • Never cited references

    And so cannot tell what his work was based upon, and makes correcting his numerous mistakes impossible. See my video at: that points out some of the maths mistakes. And see documentary at points out many of the claims made of experiments are false. Einstein has been bad for physics.

  • Einstein killed physics

    Einstein's 1905 second postulate was false - actually the speed of light does depend on the speed of the light source. He camouflaged the falsehood by disfiguring space and time, and so physics became the Harry Potter science as we know it today (moving object gets shorter, traveling twin returns younger etc.).

  • Теорията на относителността е лъжа, светлината не се отклонява в гравитационно поле нито по Нютон нито по Айнщайн.

    Релативистите лъжат нагло, няма отклонение на светлината от гравитацията на слънцето наблюдавано при слънчево затъмнение , за справка тук
    И тук също може да се види фалшивостта на теорията на айнщайн.
    А тук за неразрешимите парадокси на специалната теория на относителността.
    Този документ доказва, че всъщност измислените гравитационните лещи, са рефракционни лещи.

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