• It's the best way

    The Mexican authorities have proved that they are not able to deal with matter in a competent manner. The man has escaped their custody twice! Logic would dictate that this time around they would keep him in a military brig or move him around frequently so he can't be in one place long enough to figure out how to escape. But no they have put him in the same prison.
    Factor in the mass corruption of Mexican government officials and the influence and power of the drug trade in Latin America and you have a recipe for disaster. Get him extradited straight away. I wouldn't even do it in the formal way so his lawyers can drag it out for years. Just skip that and put him on a plane tomorrow.

  • Clearly Mexican prisons cannot hold down El Chapo.

    El Chapo literally has escaped Mexican prions twice. The first time it literally took around 10 years to catch him and he breaks out literally the year after he gets caught to go on the run again. Clearly he is too comfortable and has way to much freedom to plan and facilitate these elaborate escapes. Bring him to an american prison, I guarantee he won't act up because American cops will not hesitate to gun him down.

  • Send El Chapo Stateside

    El Chapo has now twice escaped from jails in Mexico. At this point, it has been proven that corruption is too rampant throughout Mexico and the only hope to retain El Chapo in custody is to send him to a maximum security facility in the United States. Otherwise, El Chapo may escape for a third time.

  • Yes I agree

    I do think El Chapo should be extradited to the United States. Clearly Mexican prisons can't hold him. And he's committed enough crimes in the U.S. to put him away for life and prevent him from escaping. I think the priority should be putting him in a place where he can't escape.

  • Extradite El Chapo to the United States to Face Charges

    I believe that El Chapo should be extradited to the United States because this would show a concerted effort by Mexico to take punishment of drug lords seriously, and it would also improve Mexico's diplomatic relationship with the United States. Clearly, Mexico's prisons have been unable to hold El Chapo, and his prior escape, which appeared planned, shows the amount of support that he has in Mexico. It stands to reason that, if he is caught, he will only be detained as long as he would like to be. He would not receive the same preferential treatment in the United States, and El Chapo's extradition to this country would show that Mexico is serious about punishing offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Additionally, when Mexican authorities show willingness to work with the United States, it shows an effort to improve diplomatic relations,

  • Yes, he should be extradited

    El Chapo should be extradited because he has already broken out of the Mexican system in the past. To avoid this, it makes sense to put him in a more secure facility in the United States. Since his practices also affect the US, the country has a claim. This also separates him more effectively from his supporters.

  • We're Not Mexico's Babysitter

    The United States needs too rethink it position on the War on Drugs. Clearly it's not working and making the Cartels more angry won't help the situation in North Mexico, it'll make it worse. Unless the US considers using the military in this war than it's a waste of time and money which could be better focused on other issues. Mexico is the only country than can fix Mexico so unless the US stops holding their hand than Mexico won't grow up to be big and strong.

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