Do you think elderly people play an important role in this society?

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  • Generally They Do

    By common belief the elderly have wisdom and knowledge that is useful to society. As the old saying goes "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it". The elderly are generally thought to be living tomes of that wisdom. I believe that is often true, but not always. Many elderly may not hold wisdom that is truly knowledgeable depending on how they lived their life. If they are poorly educated and never or rarely traveled, it is unlikely they have the experiences to validate them as a truly wise or even intelligent individual. Others may be truly wise people that should be listened to and probably written about to be saved for eternity.

    It may also depend on the culture of the society. I think all societies should respect their elders, but that is not always true. In the United States it is not uncommon to think little of the elderly. But their role in society can be that of experienced workers or instructors in their given profession. Elderly as very knowledgeable and experienced white-collar workers are often very valuable. There are plenty of roles the elderly can play in society if they are simply respected as much as they should be.

  • Yes i do support that elders are play a vital role in society

    We people make a society that consist of people of all age groups and according to me "experiences matters " elders in our society have experiences and they are the only source who can guide us when we are wrong . They are also the source of inspiration and motivation their life either good or bad , their failures, achievements and their failures helps us to sustain in this world . Their blessing ,love and care motivate us to succeed ,to do something good, to soar heights in our respective fields. To have good society one need elder as they are source of all things wisdom, motivation , thoughts etc . Society without elders is same as "the body without soul ".

  • I hate old people freeloading off of our government.

    Old people are a cancer to our country. I refuse to support these elderly terrorist stealing my jobs and money. We should build a fence and bar them from entering the country. Everyone needs to smoke a big old bowl and 420 deblaze it. I am tired of these white people always stealing my chicken.

  • Old People are becoming less important.

    As society evolves now more than ever with new technology, the value of older people goes down. They hold us back with their outdated views and knowledge, and cost us more and more money to support. A lot of the knowledge and skills that they have are nearly worthless to our new generation, and the important knowledge that they have such as morals and beliefs can be passed to kids by teachers or parents. They also hold us back from growing as a society, as they are allowed to vote on issues that they will not even live to see the results of.

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