• It only makes sense.

    With the increase in wireless Internet as well as cell phone usage, it only makes sense that we would have issues in regards to electrical sensitivity. We probably will not know the full extent of the damages for many years to come as the technology is developing too rapidly. With that being said there have been signs that this is a problem. The unexplained rise of autism diagnosis has been blamed on many things but the increase of wifi is one that is not often explored. It makes more sense that wifi would contribute than the vaccines that we have been giving for quite some time. Until we have definitive numbers in place you might want to keep your cell usage to a minimum and make sure you don't sleep with it on the headboard.

  • Yes if people claim it

    I do think it is possible to have electrical sensitivity. Obviously we won't know for sure until it is proven but I see no reason to think it would be made up. There are no issues and problems coming up every day so to think someone may have that sensitivity is not out of the question.

  • I Believe It's Real

    I believe electrical sensitivity is real. I'm not sure what the exact problem is or how it affects us, but I remember doing electrical units in science class and I would walk out of lab days with a pounding headache. It didn't do anything other than that, but the headaches were treacherous.

  • Yes I do.

    I do think that electrical sensitivity is real. People can be sensitive to many things, and just because it hasn't happened to us doesn't mean it is not real. If someone believes they are sensitive to electricity, then it is real to them. Who are we to tell them it is not real?

  • Not really, no

    I'm sure there are cases of this that are legitimate, but the frequency in which it is brought up is probably not very realistic. I would consider maybe it exists as a very rare phenomenon, but this question wouldn't even exist if it was something commonplace (or even just somewhat rare) because we'd have so much more experience with observing and handling it by now.

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