Do you think embryos with Huntington's disease genetic markers should be aborted?

  • It would lead to a healthier society.

    Oh, I know that eugenics (which is what this is) can be such a touchy subject because of how it's been used in the past. But yes, I do believe that if a child's genetic markers show that it will have diseases which cannot be cured, that it should be aborted. It will lead to a healthier society in the long run, and lower cost of medical bills.

  • Abortion Up to the Parents

    Decisions about abortions are up to the parents of the embryo. If a woman carrying the child wants the fetus aborted, she has a legal right to do so. If she's married, permission of the husband may also be an issue. Abortion isn't up for the government to decide--it's up to individuals and health care providers.

  • No, but it is for the parents to make this decision

    I think every viable embryo should have a chance a life. In
    the particular case of Huntington’s, Woody Guthrie suffered horribly with the
    disease, but before he did, what a life he had. He was a troubadour of amazing
    power, and lived a life of joy and song. He brought happiness to many people,
    and his work still does. I believe it is wonderful that he had a life. Nevertheless,
    choosing whether or not to have an abortion is strictly a decision for the parents
    to make, not some stranger who does not know their situation.

  • A Families Decision

    I do not believe that all embryos showing a Huntington's disease genetic marker should automatically be aborted. Ultimately I believe this is a medical decision that a woman has to make (and her mate) when such information is found. To say that everyone should follow the same procedure is fool hardy and guarantees that someone will lose their rights to chose the opposite.

  • All life has value.

    No, I do not think that embryos with Huntington disease genetic markers should be aborted, because all children should be given the change to have life. Each individual has a life that is valuable and that can add to society. A person should not be killed just because they are disabled. That goes against what we stand for.

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