• We need workers too.

    Yes, I think that enough emphasis is put on diversity in the workplace, because large companies go to great lengths to recruit women and minorities. There comes a time when we need to make sure that we are also hiring the best person for the job. We need to be fair to whites and to men too.

  • I Think So

    I believe there is enough emphasis on diversity in the workplace. Diversity can be difficult to control given turn over rates, but in highly diversified populations, I have personally seen it work well. I think this problem is mostly under control and it shouldn't really be a huge matter of debate.

  • No, not at all.

    There really is no need to place emphasis on diversity in the workplace. We all recognize it's there. The United States is one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet, if not the most. It's time we just be ourselves and treat each other fairly, without any judgment.

  • In America we do not

    I think there are a lot of work places that don't have any diversity, and lack workplace equality because they don't need it. I have worked for many firms that are all white,but when another person comes in, that is diverse, they lack to bring everyone up to par, and it shows.

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