• Enough is being done to fight the Ebola Outbreak

    Despite the fact that Ebola keeps popping up across the globe, enough is being done to fight the outbreak. In western countries, medical facilities are drastically superior to the areas where the outbreak originated, which will aid in containing any large scale spread of disease. Further, even if more was being done, the disease would still spread- it is virtually impossible to restrict travel to the point where the outbreak can be contained to one location, and similarly impossible to prevent people from coming into contact with infected persons if they really want to.

  • Enough is being done

    Yes as two people have been reported to be free from ebola in america when they got a vaccination called zmapp and good hospital care. The uk government is training 90 health workers a week to treat Ebola patients. 700 Ebola victims have been provided with a bed in at least four treatment centres areas where they needtreatment the most. Public health England staff have been on the front line tackling ebola in west africa. So we have done quite a bit to help stop ebola spreading.

  • Support the brave healthcare workers!

    I firmly believe that all is being done to tackle the Ebola crisis, especially with all the healthcare workers from around the world have put their own personal safety at risk in order to help the many people who have been affected by the terrible disease.

    Regrettably the international reponse at a political level could be said to be too little, too late.

  • Ebola Outbreak Enough Is Done

    Enough measures are taken to fight Ebola. The decease needs some time to be fully terminated. I think that the USA and the EU have done their best to fight the virus, they have sent proper medical resources on the ground and continuous talks and measures are discussed to prevent global outbreak.. Hopefully, soon enough, a cure for Ebola will be discovered and future outbreaks like this will be prevented.

  • We Need to Get on the Ebola Outbreak

    I think we all can agree that ebola is a very deadly disease based on the fact that it has a 90% mortality rate, and is also very contagious, based on the fact that healthcare workers wearing masks, the recommended gear and two sets of latex gloves have contracted the disease. Form this we can gather that this is a deadly disease, so I wonder why we treat it so lightly. Doctors act like it is no big deal because it is not within the borders of their city. I quote a chairman at a hospital who said, "This is no big deal why do people even care." The problem is that this deadly decease is now spreading. I think we need to shut down air traffic from Liberia, Sierra Lione and Ghana. The outbreak comes from these areas, and has come on planes. We can still ship healthcare workers and supplies through military flights so that is not a problem. I also think we need to lessen ebola in infected countries before we reach our expected 1.4 million people infected by the end of the year. This is the kind of situation where safe is better than sorry, because if a huge outbreak arises in the US it will be close to impossible to stop.

  • No, not enough has been done to fight Ebola.

    The United States' initial response was beyond small, sending only a dozen or so people to west Africa after news of an Ebola outbreak spread. It is only recently, when the virus arrived here that the government has stepped up its response. Had the country spent the resources of war to fight Ebola, this crisis may already be over.

  • We need to Contain the Virus more

    Paranoia is beginning to slowly spread the big 'A' Bomb,
    'What if Ebola becomes mutated and gets into the Air?' This is the big bomb that scares all the paranoia's into shock mode like a scared rabbit, as unlikely as it is that Ebola will mutate, dropping that question is not teaching people what will happen if it does, it just leaves people scared.

    Furthermore I believe more needs to be done to contain the outbreak, sure, we have had outbreaks like this in the past, and they all slowly faded away, I know that medical research centres are doing everything they can to help create a vaccine and that's fine, But we need to contain and protect.

  • No, more needs to be done.

    More should be done to fight the Ebola outbreak. The media paranoia is helping to scare rather than educate the public about what can be done to mitigate the spread of the disease. More should have been done in Africa prior to the potential global outbreak to help contain and prevent the disease from spreading.

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