• We do not condone trafficking of any kind.

    Anyone implying that enough is not being done to combat human trafficking, child victims included, is severely misguided. It's not that we aren't doing enough but that whatever effort we put into solving and/or combating the problem is meeting a dedicated wall of resistance from those that profit from it. It's going to be a battle of inches to stop it, a long and drawn out affair.

  • Absolutely not. It's still happening lots

    I doubt it'll ever stop because some people are just like that, but in 1st world, powerful-ass countries, this is still happening way too much

    It'll be nice if it were to all stop, but it's not even down a noticeable amount. The entire concept is just sickening beyond words

  • No, because it is still happening.

    Child trafficking is an abominable occurrence and it is still going on all over the world and even within the United States. Obviously, as with other organized crime activities, we are overlooking things because there is some pay off for the powers that be in not doing more to catch and convict.

  • Child Trafficking Must Be Stopped

    In my opinion, not enough is being done to stop child trafficking. Although most of it has been stopped in the USA, every now and then there are news stories of someone being caught. People should be taking better care of their children and also penalizing those who commit this horrible crime. Child traffickers should face harsher penalties.

  • Secure the borders.

    No, I do not think that enough is being done to stop child trafficking, because the Johns can be prosecuted much more than they are. Also, if we were to do a better job securing the borders, they would be able to kidnap as many children as they do. The authorities just need to care more than they do.

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