Do you think Euro Bonds are a good investment that can help save the Euro Zone's economy?

  • No, I do not.

    I think the Euro Bonds are a silly idea for investment, because the Eurozone is collapsing as we speak. To invest in something that is currently in collapse is a terrible idea, and one that could wind up costing the people investing in it a ton of money. Bad idea.

  • Yes, I think Euro Bonds are good.

    I think that Euro Bonds are a good investment that can help save Euro Zone's economy. I definitely think that the stats and numbers on the Euro Bonds make them a good investment and something people should consider. But I think it is also important for people to do their research first.

  • No: Euro Bonds are not an Investment to Save the EU Economy

    Like most investments, bonds have their risks, and are subject to currency fluctuations. The returns are not foreseeable. Investing in bonds as some sort of cure all is a mistake. The problems we are facing have to do with a myriad of problems, from soaring debts, peaks in oil production, geopolitical instability caused by the ongoing war on terror, and climate change. These are the real game changers, and clinging to the bond market while avoiding these deeper issues will not make for a bright future.

  • No, not a good investment for Euro Zone's Economy.

    No, Euro bonds are not regulated by the country of the currency in which they are denominated. Euro bonds are so-called “bearer bonds”, they are not registered anywhere centrally, so whomever holds or bears the bond is considered the owner. Their “bearer” status also enables Euro bonds to be held anonymously.

  • More Than Likely No

    I have my doubts Euro Bonds are a good investment that can help save the Euro Zone's economy. These bonds are unlikely to a good investment, especially in today's economy. Their payout is low due to the lack of risk. With that being said, you may lose buying power by locking your money into this investment.

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