• "Real Housewives" are guilty

    I think even more of the "Real Housewives" are guilty. If one is doing it probably a lot of them are. Will we ever find out i am not sure because after one has gotten caught the others may look to hide things even deeper so that they never get caught.

  • Rich people have usually cheated to get rich.

    The unfortunate reality is that wealthy people do not get that way by acting fair and honest. To get on the show, the housewives are presumably wealthy. Those with 'new money' often had to swindle it somehow. This may have been in real estate, a brokerage firm, or any number of business ventures. Unfortunately, most of these violations are not reported. Once someone reaches celebrity status though, the reports and accusations come flying. This is the price of having your face on TV. Everyone who hates you brings up why.

  • Yes, I do.

    I do think that more of the Real Housewives are guilty. They are married to organized criminals. Do you think they do not know what their husbands are doing? Of course they do. This would make them accessories to many of the crimes committed, and maybe even knowingly housing a criminal.

  • Everyone is an individual.

    I don't think even more of the "Real Housewives" are guilty because each one of them is an individual with their own set of faults and good points as well. They are usually guilty of embarrassing behavior though, but that is not a real sin or something to be punished for.

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