• Everyone has the option to walk away.

    I think everyone has the will to control their aggressive behavior. I think everyone can decide how they are going to react to triggers that lead to aggressive behavior. Aggressive people always have the option to walk away. I believe people who exhibit antisocial aggressive behavior believe that it is a reasonable response.

  • We need accountability.

    Yes, I think that everyone has the will to control his or her aggressive behavior, because there are very few people who literally cannot control themselves. The rest of us have voluntary control over our muscle movements. We have the ability to justify poor behavior to ourselves, or to exercise a little bit of self control.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe every person have the ability to control their own individual aggressive behavior. I believe it is possible for a person to be unaware of their aggression or they may not know how to handle it, but that doesn't mean the ability is not there. Therapy can often teach people methods to handle aggression. If a person can't figure it out on their own, then they should seek help.

  • No, everyone does not have the will to control their behavior.

    No, everyone does not have the will to control their individual aggressive behavior. Some people are chemically off balance or not mentally stable enough to make up their own minds. There are some people who have Schizophrenia, for example, who have more than one mind; several people in their head at one time. These people cannot make up their own mind and therefore cannot control their behavior at times.

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