• Yes. It' s true.

    We know that all the success is come from the experience. No matter it is good experience or not. In the beginning, we have to face the failure before we get the success. Let me give you a simple analogy. When a baby are start learning to crawl,is it they will directly success to crawl from zero to hero? Obviously not. They have to attempt everytime till they get. They will fall and try to get up back. Same goes to this situation. In a business, experience play an important role to be better in entrepreneurship as it act as lifelong learning.

  • You know already

    Yes, I think that their is no other thing that can compare to how good a person who has a lot of experience can do in building the success of a company. If you already know how to do everything, you are way ahead of others who are just starting.

  • Yes, experience is the best recipe for success in entrepreneurship

    Experience is very important to the success of an entrepreneurial venture. One cannot expect to succeed in every venture attempted when there is no knowledge of and prior experience with anything to do with the subject. Once in awhile it might happen that someone is successful at something they were inexperienced in, but that will not be the case in the vast majority of business start-ups. A person needs at least some experience with a business idea if they expect to be successful.

  • Experience always helps.

    Experience is very useful in entrepreneurship. You need to know how the industry works to be able to run a company without losing money on the business and retail end. You also need to know about the products or services being provided in order to understand what works and what people look for.

  • No, not necessarily.

    For entrepreneurship, the best recipe is having a very brilliant idea, having the drive to put it in motion, being business savvy, and following through on your investment. The best entrepreneurs are not always the smartest people, but they are almost in every case, the most driven people you will ever meet

  • It's hit and miss.

    No, I do not think that experience is the best recipe for success in entrepreneurship, because a lot of people are successful by accident in their very first business. For example, Mark Zuckerberg's business started by accident. It takes a combination of talent, luck, and trial and error to be successful in a business.

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