Do you think Facebook should offer their users the option to change their profile page color?

  • Of course i do

    Facebook should have allowed that at the beginning. Facebook is all about personalizing your profile page and being able to change the color of the page would help with expressing the type of personality of the Facebook user. Even though its not a big thing it would definitely help with personalizing your own page.

  • No need to download anything for an illusion of a decorated page

    Yes definitely, I love to be able to be able to customize, just like many other people do, I would love if face book were to add this, we would no longer have to download anything to add an illusion of a different background on your profile page, and it would be good for expressing your self a little more

  • Customization is the key.

    Being able to change the color of your profile page should be a basic ability that all facebook users should have. At this point the facebook brand is strong enough that they do not have to keep the color scheme in order to push the trademark look of their product.

  • Yes, it would make a person feel like they had a little control.

    Yes, I think Facebook would be making a wise move if they gave their users the option of changing their profile page color. It would probably be a good marketing move. People like to personalize their spaces. Even a small thing like the ability to choose one's profile page color would cause renewed interest.

  • Yes I think so!

    That would be so cool, My space offered that several years ago, why can't Facebook? We all have to have the same boring background? The ability to personalize your page would give it a better reflection of you, and feel more comfortable to the user. I think it's a great idea!

  • Facebook page color

    Of course I think that Facebook users should offer their users to change their profile page color. It is after all about the users personal profile and to be able to customize it even if just changing the color would greatly impact a persons expression on their page. They should have more customizable features.

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