Do you think family environment play the most important role on our behavior ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • All the important habits, thought processes began at where you begin in

    All thought processes and habits begin where you are born and raised. Many of these never disappear and the crusade of your life become based on those things you learned as a child. Many women look for mates that resemble their daddies for an example. People never change and never grow up. Childish aspirations stick around or become converted to a seemingly similar idea.

    Nowadays we have so many more psychologists than before and as a result more dysfunctional than ever.

  • Home is supposed to be the place where kids can be happy

    Kids want to be happy, and the best place to be it is at home. At home you should have your mother and father's love showered upon you. You will be happy and taught good moral ideologies. Kids will also feel very comfortable at home with people that they live with every day.

  • Absolutely yes ,yes

    Parent are the leader of their child.When we are born,we all born neutral,no good or bad.But what's make us to become good or bad person?Of course those who raise us up is the parent.Children mostly imitate and use as a model of behavior from parents.Good parents can teach us in a good way,but bad parents can be our brainwasher and teach us in a bad way.Some may not be teach by parents but being abuse by parents which also can result in bad behavior.

  • No, not the MOST important.

    The most important role in our behavior is actually how we were born, some people were born with a mental disorder causing them to behave differently, putting them somewhere else with a more stable family probably won't change how they behave. It may impact their behavior in some way, but not as largely as if they had some mental condition, therefore I must say no, family environment is not the most important role.

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