• They just are

    They are better than you and can do more than you ever will do in life.
    Donnnn't even try bro I'm a legit legend. You will never ever be more richer than me. So go fight me. I live in the hollywood hills gang gang. Esketit. Dont even try me. - from rich person

  • Of course they are !!!

    Celebrities, especially american celebrities are better than us, the mundane. The mere presence of a taylor swift or a justin beiber can lift the mood of the masses, give them a sense of self worth or happiness, just by being allowed to breath around them. The economic impact a Taylor Swift can have on a shopping complex is massive. If someone tweets that Taylor Swift is at shopping Mall "x" then that malls business for the day will get about a 700% boost.
    Sick children in hospitals frequent dying wishes are not to meet a plumber, factor worker or an astronaut... They ALWAYS want to meet Starlord, Wolverine or Taylor Swift.

    Anyone who think celebrities are not better than them are in a state of extreme delusion

  • No they are not

    They may have talent but there are people who have talent and don't need to prove anything to anyone. These people just were lucky because they had people who promoted them well but that doesn't make them better at all. Every person is individual and can get angry too. Celebs are just humans

  • To sum it up, NO.

    To be honest, I believe that the famous are people just like anyone else. The woman celebrities have their periods and miscarriage just like any other woman and the men have their erectile dysfunction and heart failures just like every other man.

    Just because they have a lot of money and recognition does not exonerate them from the standards they must live up to and anyone who believes so should assess themselves. They are people that are considered to have unique ideas and opinions that elevate the world to higher levels of thinking, But as proven by research, There are approximately 7. 7k more people in the world just like them. Those people are not fortunate enough to share their stories. You will meet people that are prettier/more handsome than any celebrity you've seen in your life. Including Cara Delevingne and world's counted "most beautiful" women, Angelina Jolie/Marilyn Monroe.

    By the time these women hit 45, They look so sucked and drained of vitality even though they have that money because they are spiritually and mentally tired. Reading all of those hateful comments about how their bodies have cellulite or how small their boobs are. Or how a man must not have a big enough penis because they frown after their mother just died.

    People that get ahold of their personal information and leak it, Exploiting their privacy and integrity. Out of 7. 7B people in the world, They are however, Blessed to share their story and incite inspiration and hope in the hopeless, But by no standard are they better than me or anyone else and I am not better than them either. Everyone is unique and has a voice, But we go through so many struggles that test our confidence and faith and we sometimes become discouraged.

    They managed to escape the seemingly inevitable mundanity and 9:5. We should think about even though they escaped poverty and regular living, Their new expectations and standards are greater than their perks. They can't talk without being penalized by vengeful people, Not to mention famous women get attacked by regular women. They can't breathe without being talked about and made fun of on a daily basis, If they have children the world knows about, People breathe their vengeance into their children's spirit. They get bullied and automatically typecast as a bad mother because they are a celebrity.

    Sometimes they have to do shameful things to advance forward and get away from the crowd. The women sucking old mens' dicks and being taken advantage of to move forward. They have so much to prove, Losing themselves for one moment and everything they worked for will be snatched from under them. Every moment of their life is a fighting moment. They may have more than us, But it comes with an endless battle. They have to fight hard to keep their belongings. Think about that.

  • No. They're Simply Luckier.

    Any one of us could've been plucked from the herd, Had fairy dust sprinkled into our ears and miraculously believed we were capable of being super human. With personal trainers, Gourmet chefs, Hair and makeup artists, Masseuses, Maids and enough money to buy the most perfectly fitted clothing. . . They would be considered average if we were all catered to, The same way. Their only focus is 'fitting the role'. . . That is their livelihood. The continual push from the surrounding creators ensure that their goals and needs are met. Why? Because that's Their paycheck. In sum. . . We're all movie stars. . . Or they're all common. One in the same.

  • Why would i?

    I admit ther must be many better singers or prettier girls in the world but i hate how you glorify celebrities not all models are pretty sometimes i hear “we are not VS’ angels we won’t get a hot boyfriend” is like why comparing? I’m working on my body and is getting hotter than those models, My face is super pretty and i myself i know I’m hot, They might be famous but they are people, Some are hotter than me but i can be hotter than some too, What is different? Their fame?

  • Hell The Fuck No

    Talented people are worthy of notoriety - and from a certain perspective they are "better" - but the idea that they are objectively better simply because they are famous is insulting to those of us with a sense of individuality and self-determinism. One individual may have extraordinary talents and little to no recognition for it, While another has less talent but more recognition. Considering the latter "better" than the former due merely to reputation shows a misappropriation of value.

    Fame is too often awarded to anyone who happened to appeal to the masses at a certain point in time, And these masses are largely idiots incapable of distinguishing talent from reputation. The people who acquire fame generally reflect the tastes (or lack thereof) of these very simple, Very basic people. . . And they themselves are hardly qualified to evaluate the importance of these people and their defining characteristics. At times, Simply having knowledge of the existence and details of these famous people is enough to make these feel accomplished. . . As opposed to actually accomplishing something worthy of their time. I suppose this could be a form of vicarious living, And if it is, It's one of the crudest forms.

    In conclusion, You have every right to believe that someone famous is better than yourself, Even if it's simply because they are famous. But to believe that they are better than everyone who isn't famous is a display of ignorance, And I will ask you to kindly go fuck yourself for it ;)

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  • Fame is just a consequence of a profit making society

    Celebrities are nothing special, they were just at the "right" place at the"right" time for whatever it is they do. Fame does not mean better, you can still have loads of money, talent and get respect from people without being a "major celebrity". Its all just a facade and a carefully crafted publicity ploy to make money for a bunch of people. People's insecurities make them think celebs are better, when there is nothing at all to be insecure about, its fine to admire and respect someone, but their celebrity has very little to do with a person's worth and inherent value. There are plenty of non celebs who are richer, more beautiful and make an impact in their own way without getting fame. Fame is just a consequence of a profit making society.

  • Lots of celebrities lead an average life- merely standing out because of some spotlight opportunity

    Anyone can get an opportunity and anyone can reach their true potential with the right mindset and direction in work. I know loads if average people that are way better than some of these shit celebrities in terms of intelligence, personality, and whatnot else. We are all capable humans with unlimited God given potential!

  • Just different than us

    They are no better than us just different .I wouldnt like to live in the spotlight .I am sure some celebrities would love to have more privacy .Celebrities do sometimes have relationships with non celebrities so obviously they dont see themselves as superior . I will never be anyones fan.

  • Celebrities are humans and humans all die, how can you weigh a person's worth?

    How can anyone think that famous people are better than them? That's sad. Although we may not have the same talents, we have the capability of being the best that we can be. Just because some people get paid to sing, act, or wear clothes and get their pictures taken, that doesn't mean that their lives are worth more. Sure, they have an aura, but they bleed red too.

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