Do you think far-right conservative talk radio show hosts deserve to have limits on their free speech?

  • As long as they won't hurt other political parties

    I believe they should have limits on their free speech, for the reason that they may hurt other political parties by asking a lot about the differences between them and other political parties from interviewees, and it may create anarchism across the country, as we know all political parties have pros and antis. So every idea from other parties can have a positive or negative impact on their current situation.

  • Don't thread on their rights, so they won't thread on yours.

    If you feel they need to be censored, I'm all for it. Yet, if you do, don't be surprised if you're going to censor you. Free Speech has an extent that even these people are pushing, they cause hysteria and wrongful distrust of the government in all the wrong areas. Most importantly, these people spread libel on subjects, for example Fox News. Free Speech is a double edge blade, hurting someone else's right is going to hurt yours as well.

  • No "far-right conservative" talk radio hosts should not be censored.

    While I don't agree with their attacks on the President or selective use of facts to "support" their crazy ideas, the far-right conservative talk show host still have a constitutional right to free speech. No limits should be imposed on the far-right that are not also imposed on other radio show hosts. They should not censored because of their message.

  • Free Speech is Free Speech

    Conservative right-wing talk show hosts don't deserve to have their free speech limited at all, with one exception. If the talk show hosts are convicted of sedition, that is telling people they should rise up against the government, then their free speech should be hindered under the mandate of the U.S. Constitution.

  • They are not hurting anyone.

    No, I do not think that far-right conservative talk show radio hosts should have limits on their free speech, because I do not disagree with the things that they say. I think conservative talk show hosts do a good job educating people on the issues of the day. They should be able to say what they think.

  • No They Don't

    I do believe far-right conservative talk radio show hosts deserve to have limits on their free speech, just as their counterparts, the far-left liberals should not be limited. Personally, I identify with the liberal crowd, but that certainly doesn't mean I want someone else to lose their rights to free speech.

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