Do you think fast food companies are responsible for the growing problem of obesity in America?

  • Yes, it is one of the leading problems of obesity in America.

    The quality of the food served to the public is the reason why obesity rates are so high. For example, is you get a chicken sand which from McDonald's, only a percentage of the meat is actual chicken breasts, legs, or thighs. The other percentage is remainders of the chicken such as chicken feet, bones, muscles, etc. That is very unhealthy and is why fast food restaurants are one of the leading causes to obesity in America

  • Nnn nnn nnn

    Theya re providing fatty foods without the proper nutrition value that they say that they have. It is a complete mock of the system where they must tell the truth and is riduculous and deciving. All fast food comapnies care about is money, wealth , power and controll over all.

  • No, they are just meeting demand.

    No, fast food companies are not responsible for the growing problem of obesity in America, any more than car companies are responsible for drunk drivers. People buy fast food knowing how bad it is for them. The companies are only providing people with a product that they want to buy. That people cannot moderate is not their fault.

  • No, fast food companies are only part of the problem of obesity in America.

    The media seems to like to blame the fast food industry for obesity in America. What we have really lost sight of, however, is portion control, and what is a normal amount of food to eat. We've also lost sight of the balance of what we should eat. Fast food companies should be required to list ingredients and calories, however, just like store-bought food is. We need to focus, also, on educating people as to how many calories is normal to intake, and what equals one portion of food. Being busy and not knowing how to cook has led to more people eating out; the government should also encourage people to make the time to cook in their own homes, as this will limit calorie consumption, as well.

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