Do you think feminism is just socialism with a skirt?

Asked by: zestog3
  • Feminism... Is just socialism dressed up with a skirt

    Feminism is an extension of increased government control.

    Feminism's main purpose was to bring the other 50% of the population into the workforce, so as the government could grow by another 50%+ (as it did).

    Feminism also divided man and woman; now women 'don't need men' because they can 'marry the State.' The State will support the single mothers on welfare, the State will ensure their baby daddy's will pay for their child, and the State will ensure that they are taken care of after a divorce.

    Feminism is legislated favoritism for women for the purpose of dividing man and woman against each other, and the winner is the State.

  • Perhaps better to label it 'Marxism in a skirt'

    Basically, if you look at the roots of feminism, and in particular feminist theory in academia, it all stems from Marxist ideology that is predicated on pitting classes against each other as oppressors vs oppressed. It basically says that people are defined by what group they belong to, painting one group as the benevolent oppressed and the other as the overlord oppressor.

    Pretty straightforward. Hence why it is now lumped in with 'social justice' translating to 'trial by society with no rules but emotions and poorly substantiated opinion'.

    That major flaw across the board is saying stuff like 'cis white patriarchy' in this classification, basically saying if you are a white, natural born male, then you are default oppressor, and if you are anything else you are default oppressed. Really bizarre position in an egalitarian society like the west...

  • Feminism is closet socialism

    Let's look at one of the most commonly used arguments of feminism: women are paid less than men. Now this does exist, but it isn't because of the patriarchy, it's because men work harder and longer than women. So basically feminists want equal pay for less work, which is something socialism enforces. Now let's look at the ideology of feminists, A lot of feminists and SJWs are, in fact ,socialists, which isn't surprising since feminism believes that women are equal to men, which is also a trait of socialism. However, let's not forget that the basis for 3rd wave feminism, social justice and political correctness as a whole is socialism. So yes, feminism is socialism with a skirt.

  • Scandinavia has become the worst place to be a man.

    Especially Swedish and Danish women have done their darnedest to emasculate men and make them feel worthless. Then these women turn around and support "refugee" men who are testosterone on steroids raping machines. Socialism is crazy like a fox. Societies need to be balanced for all, socialism is not the answer.

  • This is very simple

    Name ONE place where man has bigger rights than women.Now name one place where women has bigger rights.There are literaly a hundreds of cases where woman has bigger rights.

    No,i do not respect women.I can not respect a person just beacuse of its gender.I respect person beacuse of what and who that person is.

  • Well socialism my be a bit to kind it is social Marxism with future fascism with a skirt.

    Feminism in the past was actually about equality between both men and women mostly during first wave partially during second wave and now no equality during third wave. It is a movement that preaches equality for all when in reality it only benefits middle class white women. It does this at the determent of men and actively fights against any and all men attempting to fight for men's rights.

    The reason it isn't chased off and laughed at like the kkk and the west buro baptist church is that men have a biological imperative in us that makes us want to protect and believe women even when what they are saying is essentially all men are vile, evil, rapists who should die or be the slaves of women. Now that was an over exaggeration but essentially that's want feminism want's. Feminism is the next nazi party it's only a matter of time before the gas chambers start getting built.

  • Socialism, cultural marxism

    It's indeed Marxism. Relying on the state to enforce laws upholding the supposed equality of all, mainly at the expense of most.

    Also feminists tend to support socialist policies like socialized health care and providing free birth control. They become reliant on the state not only for their basic needs, but to enforce their dogma and define the limits of free speech (according to their wishes).

    See #banbossy

  • All feminism's political actions are in line with socialism.

    When do feminists ever criticize socialist polices? Never, but they wish to enforce them en masse.

    To prove this claim wrong all you have to do is find the feminist's criticisms of socialism, but they are non-existent aren't they, so kinda hard.

    Feminism is socialism + man hating + perpetual victimhood.

  • Very much so!

    Feminism is very open about it assault on the family:"The nuclear family must be destroyed... Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process." -- Linda Gordon This is the reoccurring theme found in feminism, feminism has effectively began to remove father from the home and marry mother to the state. Feminism is also working to remove capitalistic values like the ability to work hard and earn money accordingly, they rather have female office workers making the same amount of money as male laborers who risk their lives. Feminism enforces the concept of a mathematically equalize distribution of wealth and socioeconomic results. These and many more feature of feminism are key principle in socialism.

  • This argument is unfounded and absolutely illogical

    Feminism has gotten a poor reputation, but it is a social activism movement concerned with ending the perpetuation of societally induced gender role and legislated gender inequality. Socialism is an economic theory concerned with the constituency of any given country. Just because the white male minority is afraid of losing its unjust grip on power through antiquated misogynism disguised as traditional family values does not make feminism comparable with socialism

  • No, but maybe humanism with a skirt.

    Socialism is an economic system that is perhaps adopted by a particular country. Humanism is the belief that all people need to be treated well and with equality. Feminism may or may not wear a skirt, but it is the humanistic point of view that all of us deserve the same opportunities.

  • Of course not.

    Feminism is about supporting women's right. It has little to nothing to do with economic or political ideologies. Unless you specify Feminist Socialism, which is clearly "Socialism with a skirt" by the name, it is not necessarily Socialism. Although Socialism strives for equal gender rights, so do many other ideologies, and that doesn't make Feminism any of those specifically either.

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