Do you think feminists have played a role in the moral destruction if America?

Asked by: maleusdei
  • Feminism is another boundary for thinking

    There are a lot of ism's in this world and all provide a tunnel effect for thoughts. If you prescribe to a specific way of thinking, then you will never be able to consider all aspects when forming an opinion. That being said, I believe Feminism is equally as bad as Chauvinism if not worse since women are the back bone of society. The greater percentage of America's children are raised, nurtured and taught right from wrong by their mothers especially when divorces occur and men are only present 30% of the time if at all. I served in the Military and personally witnessed the decline of masculinity in America's fighting men comparative to the men of WWII like my Grand Father. America was at a higher moral standard before the Feminist movement of the 1960's. Since then the Feminist ideology's from such radical Feminists as Margaret Sanger, Alice Walker and many many more have disrupted the American life style. They have influenced women in ways to increase divorce rates by separation of a working team through independence indoctrination. Anyone that has ever been in an argument with their wife knows that they have been told they are always right even though that is not true. Men are accused of being controlling when they seek an equal say so in making decisions. They support aborting babies as a form of birth control at staggering rates, they emasculate men and have brought division between the sexes. They bring absurd ideas to the public eye in the name of equality such as baring breasts because men can go shirtless. This type of mentality is based on the theory they can can change the way men think about seeing nude women in public. The absurdity lays in the fact that you can't change the way men think when thoughts of sex are based on visual stimulation and chemicals. There was a time when women were greatly suppressed by men, however there are now laws to prevent any sort of civil dis liberties. Still the damage of Radical feminism remains.

  • Feminism has not only decimated morality it is destroying the lives of young men.

    Feminism has gone above and beyond it's desire for equality and now pushes for complete domination. Laws are made that would end a man's life simply for holding a woman's wrist while she holds a knife trying to stab him.

    The Duluth model of DV puts men at risk simply for being with an unstable woman. Feminism has also brought on the abuse of young men and boys. Famous feminists are quoted as saying they'd have an abortion before having a son.

    It gets worse. With the rise of feminism so has risen the rate of divorce. Of which women file 87% of. Then they also receive alimony and child support giving them power to send men to prison simply because they loose the means to pay such cost of living for their now EX spouse and themselves.

  • Radical feminists have

    The idea of feminism, that all humans should be treated equally, is sound. The idea of radical feminism - that men are the dominant group in society, that they are solely responsible for the plight of women, and that equality can only be achieved by uprooting the basis of modern society, is unsound. Many of these radical feminists have said things that had any man said the would cause a practical lynch mob to descend on them, like Valerie Solanas' open call for the extermination of the male sex. Similarly, men are treated unfavorably in divorce laws, child support laws (some male victims of statutory rape have to pay child support to their female rapist!), employment laws, child care laws (women can choose to abort or keep the child without the consent of the man, and the man has no choice in what goes on and cannot 'abort' his responsibility for it), and society in general via the idea the making fun of men is right. Remember the "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" shirt, and how feminists attacked the men who called the shirt out for the hateful piece of garbage it was?

    The fact of the matter is, radical feminism has done nothing but hurt men - half of society, a minority of American society in fact (49% as opposed to the female majority of 51%). It has created an image that men are the problem with society, when the 'problem' goes all around to each and every one of us. Radical feminism needs to be recognized as the cancer that it is and abolished.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Feminism a large part of the decline of America's social moral state

    Everyone knows the progression a feminism in America for the past forty or fifty years. Now we have the results of that type of atmosphere. If you're a Christian you should have been ashamed of yourself for ever getting on board with such a movement. The causes of it have been an avalanche of effects with our children. Feminism was in large part the start of so-called equal rights to make decisions based on our selfish Human Nature. Anyway, feminism paved the way for gay marriages or the right to not marry at all and just cohabitate. Our children have been raised in single mother homes or in homes where are the husbands feel powerless to lead. Which has helped to raise a bunch of young adults who feel entitled and quite frankly I too was in the military twenty-some years ago. And our military isn't what it used to be. And I'm mostly speaking of the males. 30 years ago when you turned 18 you had to find your way in life and work. What our society seems to expect of our young adults today is less accountability and more entitlement. When I was a teenager and I wanted to drive or buy something I had to work. And it didn't hurt me a bit. Sorry I'm ranting. All of these issues are tied though.

  • Feminism and any other practice of identity politics shapes a more divisive, less organized, less stable, through the breakdown of the family unit and mistrust

    Feminism is portrayed as a great liberator, instead it has taken away the woman's option to raise children from the home unless her husband is of significant wealth. It has sold the idea that woman are oppressed into marriages in which they bear children - which is no doubt a common occurrence -- just as it men are oppressed into marriage in the same fashion.

    It only seeks to create and foster illogical, divisive and ultimately destructive debate. Certain political parties often used oppressed groups and less than goal-oriented movements surrounding these groups to signal their virtue as a dialectical opposition to pandering to faiths that occurs across the aisle.

    The cycle of family destruction tears apart towns as kids raised in broken homes turn to vice and violence. The state falls into disorder soon thereafter and the nation as a result. Morality governed by the Church has been an extremely important facet of American life and society and we cavalierly watch it dwindle away under the impression it is a good thing.

    What is left is a confusing landscape where everyone has their own personal ideological opinions they value above almost all others, perverted discourse in social and political matters and an inability to know what the truth is.

  • The Decline Mechanism

    Selfishness, vindictive, co-hers ion, perversion. A monster of Biblical proportion and caveats awaits society.
    I have reserved my seat to watch the final play. I used to have great respect for women until I stated experiencing what is out there.
    I tried hard not to let it affect me, but no more.
    Down right disgusting, especially and primarily among American women.

  • Feminism decline of American morals

    Morals in America has declined due to feminism. It started with the argument that traditional family values which do come from the Bible and Christian values which is talked about about as a husband and wife and wife at home and husband being provider and leader of the home. But is to do it with a loving in a loving manner. But is done with protection in mind of God rule in values. Mothers leaving the home and exercising authority over their husbands has created the decline of those moral values.Pastime has moved on these moral values have declined more and more. As each generation of child is raised in America under the decline of these valuestheir values increasingly become liberal.The side effects of the feminist philosophies which go hand in hand with the freedoms in America to think as liberal as you would likeis the cause of laughs accountability in each generation. America's very immoral.

  • Feminism is against the natural order

    Feminism has unleashed the dark side of female nature while emasculating men, and even worse, turning them into "white knights" and manginas, supporting immoral women while turning on men and women who defy their mantra. If you want to destroy a society, feminism is by all means one of the most effective tools to do so!

  • Feminism is against the natural order

    Feminism has unleashed the dark side of female nature while emasculating men, and even worse, turning them into "white knights" and manginas, supporting immoral women while turning on men and women who defy their mantra. If you want to destroy a society, feminism is by all means one of the most effective tools to do so!

  • Children need mothers

    Again (and again) while gender equality is a human right and the abuses that many women suffer in the third world should indeed be challenged, Feminism as it is understood and practised in the western world is an ideology that significantly oppresses children and attacks the self esteem of many women and most men. The gold standard for children growing up is still the nuclear family, or an extended family that includes father and mother, according to child development expert, Penelope Leach. Children growing up in single parent homes are often (although not always) disadvantaged and that places at risk upwards of 40 to 45% of North American children. Having both parents should be a human right since it strongly affects life outcome. As well, feminism challenges the belief that biology has any effect on behaviour, that all differences in male/female behaviour is the exclusively the result of social indoctrination. This is simply not accurate. As one writer put it, while anatomy may not be destiny, it is strong statistical probability. Feminism disadvantages those women who want to make home and family their 'career' -- their primary priority. It disadvantages them through advocating no-fault divorce and promotion of the values of the sexual revolution. It discriminates against them by attacking the concept of 'separate spheres' as being only -- that is -- exclusively bad. Feminism promotes a view of women that is only true for some women -- roughly 10 to 20%. For those women, Feminism is empowering. For other women, children and most men, it is the opposite -- that is, it discriminates against, oppresses, undermines and disadvantages.

    Posted by: lini
  • Who says America has been destroyed morally?

    The only people claiming America is "morally destroyed" are ultra-conservatives who can't handle the fact that society evolves and changes, and that discrimination, sexism, and intolerance are becoming less acceptable in society and religion's influence is decreasing.

    Feminism is just the radical notion that women are people who deserve e

  • No I don't think so!

    Actually women in america were very helpful. When the men went to fight the war the women had to take over the men's jobs and run the farms. So when the men came back from the war the women already improved the US. Women helped the economy not destroyed it. Without the women tacking over the men's job after they left for war America would have been screwed.

  • Promoting equality isn't morally destructive.

    Yes, there have been (and admittedly, there still are) Feminists with bad ideas, sexist Feminists, some pretty radical feminists, etc.

    But the original idea of Feminism is equality between men and women (speaking in the loosest sense here), not one group's rights being trampled on by the other. That women should be able to wear what they like, say what they like, and do what they like with their lives, without others trying to control that.

    Feminism, because of the ideals of men and women being equal, also helps men too, as much as that sounds hard to believe, due to acknowledging that members of both sexes can be both capable as hurting someone else.

    I would say that it isn't morally destructive because it's beneficial to all members of society in the long run. It's just a shame we still have some way to go before we can achieve equality.

  • The answer is No.

    It is rather irrational to single out a particular movement and suggest that such movement may play a role in certain social phenomena. Feminism is the effect of moral destruction (if indeed a destruction at all), rather than the implied cause. Many eastern counties (such as China & Japan) and numerous European countries (France & Italy) suffered the similar moral decline without the extant of feminism movement. If anything, the moral degradation is a result of advance in technology which frees people from ever engaging in more laborious actives.

  • To say feminism is causing immorality in America is just the dumbest thing I've ever seen

    Feminism as far as I'm concerned is a joke. The power they have is *pssss*. Now there are other things causing immorality. Porn, revenge in music and movies. Feminism is a joke that has no power. Immorality has nothing to do with feminism. Even abortion has nothing to do with feminism either. It's more an excuse for fornication than a feminist issue. And the whole "bro choice" thing is a perfect example. Feminism is a joke that won't have any influence. They're just of group of foolish women making noise that's all.

  • My god someone’s advocating a patriarchy on the internet!

    If anything feminism challenges the unequal social structure that subjugates women. This can only be morally improving! Let’s face it before the feminist movement women did not have the right to their bodies, they were expected to happily take on a life of domestic servitude looking after children, cooking and cleaning. Women are not chattel, they are people too.

  • Here we go.. Another ultra conservative.

    First of all,
    feminism is the movement where females (who were a little less than vegetable plants) wanted to stand up for themselves and have a voice.
    Maybe you should grasp a good understanding of what feminism is.
    And just because all the radical feminist out there kind of make us women look stupid, doesn't mean all of us are hardcore feminist. We just deserve a little more respect than you men are giving us.

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