Do you think fictional characters can serve as good role models?

  • We can relate to them.

    Fictional characters, have human qualites and flaws, just like real people we can easily relate to them, nearly evryone has one or more character that made them cry, the fact that fictional characters can make us laughand cry, just showshow much they can influence us, thus they can even become role models for kids and even adults.

  • He told me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it the most.

    Since the year 2006 there has been one fictional character that I've looked up to the most. At the time, I was 15 years old, and now that I'm 27, I find that I still look up to him. That he's been my guide for nearly half of my life. I used to hate people. I used to feel as though I had been betrayed by everyone I had ever cared about. I thought that the only solution that I could come up with for the issue was to just hate everyone. But that's not true. After all he said it best. "Trust me, you don't want to make the whole world your enemy. Besides, at the very least, you do have one friend in me." It's been an ongoing battle with myself since then, but I continue to work towards trusting humanity. And it's all thanks to one goofy priest from the Vatican.

    I thank you, Father Abel Nightroad.

  • To some degree, sure.

    I think it's fine to look up to fictional characters. After all, they came from a place in a person's mind, so everything that fictional character thinks is something a real person thinks. That being said, since real life people have actual impacts on the real world, it would be better to be able to look up to someone who isn't fictional.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    Fictional Characters may not be in the same situation as the child but that is no reason as to why the child can't idolize them. By reading their books and watching their film the child goes on a journey with them, in some ways this is better than idolizing a pop star or actress because sometimes these people say or do bad things whereas in a book the fictional character will stay true to whichever traits make up them.

  • Very much yes

    Depending on the character, having a role model can be helpful almost no matter what. Idolizing batman, for example, can be very helpful for a young child. Batman stands for not killing and believing in our justice system. He brings the criminals of his city to justice. Although idolizing a real person would be better, having a fictional role model can be very beneficial. It all depends on who the role model is, and what they stand for.

  • Why Can't they Be is the Question?

    Fictional characters actually make better role models than people at times. They help readers develop confidence in themselves by acting with the confidence, persuasion, and other positive attributes of their favored character. Role models don't necessarily have to be physical people, they can be completely fictional. This also gives the reader a mental happy place, which can improve the psychological health of a person. So all in all, fictional characters DO make beneficial role models.

  • . Fictional characters helped me develop

    I myself read books and relate myself to the characters. Mostly books have developing characters as the story goes on and it teaches the characters to be stronger . I develop my personality as they develop as well. And as they carry on with life and get stronger they encourage me to do the same.

  • I think they can.

    I think that fictional characters can serve as role models, mainly because there are so many of them out there. This applies to children mainly because of all the books they read, many good role models can be found in books such as Kiki strike and Harry potter. They serve as good role models.

  • Fictional Characters can not replace real people in a child's life

    Fictional characters are certainly good for young kids to look up to, but fictional characters can not be there when something goes wrong. Characters only give you adequate advice if your situation is the same as theirs, and although it might be similar, it probably isn't the same. It's fine for kids to look up to fictional characters, but they need someone to look up to that they can talk to.

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