• Flag burning is a right protected by the First Amendment.

    It has been established as a protected right protected by the First Amendment. I don't think that is up for debate. Whether or not it should be is open to debate. Ithe should be allowed. Art, music and other forms of expression fall under free speech. Burning the flag is an expression of frustration with theach US government. The flag is merely a symbol. The freedom to burn the flag is far more precious the flag itself. Many are made in Beijing. Flags made in the US are made of materials from other countries. I think certain flags are required to be made up of at least 50% American made materials.

  • It is factually protected speech

    And I agree with keeping it that way. BUT this question is an IS question NOT a should question and yet people here are treating it that way.

    People in the No Column need to do research before answering questions. Just guessing at whether something is instead of researching it is wrong and an affront to good thinking. Even if you wish it was criminalized it's NOT. Look up your facts before you post nonsense.

  • Yes, I think flag burning is protected free speech.

    While it is very distasteful and offensive to many Americans I feel that we should protects those who are making a valid protest by burning the American flag, I think that there is no need to criminalize something like that as long as they are not causing a large public disruption doing it.

  • I think making it criminal would increase the flag burning.

    I think flag burning is free speech. I know it offends some people, but causing offense is not a reason to ban something. I think making flag burning criminal will, in many ways, give it even more power, and people will be burning even more flags for the extra publicity a court case would cause.

  • Some things are sacred.

    No, I do not think that flag burning is protected free speech, because there are other ways that a person can express their disgust with the government rather than just burning a flag. Flag burning just isn't necessary. It could be considered an act of war and a declaration against the government of the United States.

  • it is bad

    I do not think that buring a flag needs to be protected under the free speech. I think that this act needs to be a thing that makes people have to go to jail for a very long time, since it is a real bad thing to day against us.

  • I Don't Think It's Legal

    From my understanding burning the American flag is pretty much illegal. So, it would be a criminalized desecration rather than protected free speech. I'm pretty sure free speech doesn't protect the right to burn the flag. I think this is so because the sight of burning a flag is generally felt as pretty serious and it's usually involved with civil unrest.

  • This has gone up to the supreme court.

    The most recent case of flag desecration was Texas v. Johnson in 1989 after Gregory Lee Johnson lit a an american flag on fire for a prtotes against the President Ronald Reagan in front of the Republican National Convention in Dallas,Texas. He was arrested and convicted of violating a Texas statute that prevented him for desecrating the flag. He argues in court that he was doing a symbolic speech protected by the first amendment. The majority of the supreme court agreed with Johnson because his act was in fact freedom of speech.

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MasturDbtor says2014-07-10T15:36:22.543
It's called LOOKING IT UP people! This is a question of facts. It uses the word "is" not the word "should". So look it up and avoid making a fool out of yourself.
MasturDbtor says2014-07-10T15:37:04.150
The relevant case is Texas v. Johnson.

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