• According to the rules and regulations up today, Yes!

    I believe that food stamps are very important for families in needs, such as seniors, disable and people like me, with an extedened family. On the other hand, there are many individuals that are not using the snap card correctly. They sale their food stamps, exchange them for drugs, and or always try to find a way to get some revenue out of it. At the time of filling their applications, they lie! No one confirms anything in regards of being a single parent, because they never go to their homes. I am a 31 years old college students, I have work for the past 17 years of my life and have not never ask for nothing to the governor until 6 moths ago. I am not ashame of accepting that I get some food stamps, but I have set my mind that this is just a temporary help, until I finish my nursing program. The Snap program should encourage those that are able to work to become educate it, they should set this help just as the wic does, no longer than five years for their kids, and finally verify that verything they state is legit. I know so many lazy moms that have babies every other year, and don't worry about nothing because they became dependent on their monthly food stamps.

  • Handouts make people dependant

    Maybe it is the way they are handled, but welfare in general results in long term dependence, instead of encouraging people to get their lives together. There are many pieces that make this a hard system, but the solution is not to give simple handouts to all 'in need'.

    The whole 'teach someone to fish' addage comes in here.

  • Food stamps and government funding lead to even more problems

    Food stamps are for people in need and was originally used during the great depression. In this time period it was acceptable because of how hard it is to get a job. Jobs are easier than ever to get a job now due to how many companies need workers. Food stamps aren't always used for food to begin with. Food stamps are often sold to buy other things like alcohol and non necessary pleasures

  • I love animals but they aren’t people

    Would maybe support the idea in support a service animal for low income people, but that’s it. If you’re on welfare, you don’t have to have a pet, you chose to have one, you’re responsible for it, why should it be my problem. Yes I love animals and I see them as family, but in the end they are still not as valuable as humans, the whole point of food stamps is to help you buy food and use your any actual money to better use like maying paying bills or saving it so you may get a better job and won’t need it welfare. Some people may argue that pets are the only thing some people have. I understand that, but but sometimes people can’t have everything they want, don’t get me wrong if I had to get rid of my pets I be very sad, but I wouldn’t expect others to care for them, taxes are already hard enough, I don’t need another issue to support, if you can’t take care of it, give it to someone who can

  • There are solid limits!

    You can not buy medicine, vitamins, hot food, pre-prepared food, pet supplies, alcohol, or tobacco with food stamps according to federal law. Also, there is some support towards a bill that prohibits purchase of junk foods with food stamps. You must also pass income and asset requirements in order to benefit from food stamps.

  • They Help Us

    I live with my partner and we are both stuck in low-wage jobs. Together we bring in $350-$400 a week. We have a mound of bills to pay and I am in significant debt from trying to go to college. Luckily we own our house and have no rent to pay. Even with this we get a small amount of food stamps, $165 a month, and it helps us tremendously.

  • No, food stamps help Americans.

    It is hard to imagine a situation in which a person would be worse off because they have money for food. There is no doubt that individual Americans that receive food stamps are helped by them. A better question would be whether American society as a whole is better off with the food stamp program. This would depend on the alternative being considered. The food stamp program is definitely better than just letting people starve in the street, but probably worse than just giving direct cash assistance to the poor and allowing them to make their own decisions.

  • It helps those that really need the help

    I think that food stamps help those that are in need of help at that time. For those that are mere milking the system of funds, this a waste of taxpayers money. There are, however, people that really need this help and it can help them feed their families until their situation have improved.

  • Food Stamps are not the problem -- Lazy people are

    Food stamps do not cause a major problem in the United States today. Although it can be argued that it makes some people lazy and kills desire to work, food stamps are vital for certain people. For example, someone who has a disability and is unable to work. This person definitely needs food stamps to just survive. I believe that many people would starve to death today if it wasn't for food stamps.

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