Do you think foreign aid to Israel is just a modern-day Crusade into the Holy Land?

  • Foreign aid to Israel is not just a modern-day Crusade into the Holy Land.

    Foreign aid is not comparable to the Crusades. It is not possible to compare major social movements that happen before and after the industrial revolution. Foreign aid has many uses in the modern world. It is intended to help the poor in foreign counties, not to create wars such as the Crusades.

  • United States Only Aids Israel for Oil Interests

    When the United States obviates the need for foreign oil in the next 20 years, Congress will make foreign aid to Israel evaporate because we won't need to get a foothold in the Middle East anymore. The only reason we have an ally in Israel is to protect close-by oil interests. If we don't need Saudi Arabia to aid our economy, then monetary support for Israel is no longer there.

  • You could say that

    I think that it is very similar to a crusade, except that it is not solely over religion, and not a battle simply over religion for many countries. The trouble Israel has is over a religious issue though, and oddly is the same reason for crusades a long time ago.

  • No,I do not think foreign aid to Israel is equivalent to a modern-day Crusade.

    No,I do not think that aid to Israel is equivalent to a modern day crusade.People around the world ,especially Christians have an affinity for Israel.It was the home of modern christianity and many contemporary ethics were born there so it's natural that countries would want to make special monetary donations

  • No It's Not

    I do not equate foreign aid to Israel as modern-day Crusades into the Holy Land. Crusades were infiltrating bloody battles and foreign aid can not be compared to war, it just doesn't make sense. My question would be is why is Israel receiving foreign aid and is there a possibility that they could do without it?

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