• Money gets filtered into elections from other countries and changes minds.

    Foreign money influences American voters. This is because money has buying power. It can buy ads and highly-paid speakers to work for candidates. The more people hear positives about a candidate, the more likely they are to vote for them. If foreign money buys positive ads, then that can surely influence people at the polls.

  • Americans are only concerned with their world

    It may influence rich people, but most Americans could careless what foreign countries want. It does not even cross their mind what countries support what candidate. Of course, politicians will use it to scare people into voting for the other guy. That does not always work though and can backfire. It is best that we keep our elections in our own country.

  • Americans are not typically influenced by foreign money.

    Because of its size and unique geographic positioning, Americans tend not to be as influenced by foreign matters as other people throughout the world. Very few Americans are well educated in the matter of foreign currency. Foreign money, therefore, does not usually directly influence American voters. It is possible, however, that foreign money that supports lobbyists indirectly impacts voters.

  • Foreign money does not influence American voters.

    Foreign money does not influence American voters. American voters are more concerned about what will benefit them in the United States. When a President vows to fix the economy or make life better for the American people then that it what gets the votes. We want people in office that will work for us.

  • No it doesn't

    No it doesn't influence American voters at all, what affects American voters is American money. The fact that if a well known celebrity publicly speaks up about the candidate than the mass of people will follow that person for who their celebrity supports this is why more people are going towards the democrats instead of the republicans.

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