• Cheaper goods are available.

    Yes, I think that foreign trade is beneficial for the American economy, because we can buy goods that are cheaper. With the extra money, we can spend it on other things, and people who are not producing those goods are free to invent new goods and services or do other things.

  • Yes, foreign trade is benenficial for the American economy.

    WIthout foreign trade, the American people would have to focus on making everything which Americans use. With foreign trade we can focus on making the items we are more efficient at and then sell them to other countries. Then in return buying the items we are less efficient at from other countries. Foreign trade is good for all the countries by allowing the countries to focus on the items which they are efficient at producing.

  • Trade does not harm an economy.

    Trade creates wealth in nations that open up their products and purchase products from overseas. The idea of protectionism as helping a local economy has long been refuted in case after case where it is tried. Nations in Africa that started out equally poor show that, if one nation follows the route or free trade and the other of protectionism, that the free trade nation is more prosperous.

  • Foreign Trade Helps American Economy

    America is an importing nation. We may need to increase our manufacturing to remain globablly competitive. We definitely have been inventing goods and services that help our competitiveness. However, to get most of the items we need we have to trade with other countries. This is one of many reasons why foreign trade is beneficial.

  • America has large Trade Deficits.

    America has more than 500 billion dollars a year in trade deficits. America needs to make more things for American people. America needs to reduce trade with India, Middle East, China and other nations.

    Hindu and Muslim people hate America. China wants a weak America. Why do so much trade with hostile nations?

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