• American soft power is reaching every countries including France.

    Economic liberalism, which has been heavily promoted by usa, permitted for American entertainment to spread its culture and values around the globe. Not surprisingly the market share of American movies in cinema is bigger than the French ones. According to the CNC organisation American movies represent 53% alone of market share in France. Television series watched there are mainly American ones. Even the proud culture of food has been shaken by American culture since Mc Donald's in France is the biggest market abroad right behind usa... My list of example can go on and on about Disneyland Paris economic influence on tourism and the decisive influence of the domination of the GAFA over the rest of the globe. Those companies are finding their way on the most intimate area of the live of people around the world and the artificial intelligence they aim to create will shape the way we see the world.

  • The World Goes Together!

    During the American Revolution, France was our strongest ally and our revolt in turn fueled their seeking for independence and democracy. Over the years a strong friendship between the nations became somehow soured, but still today like most of Europe, France has adopted what seems to be American-style television, clothing, food practices, and even certain laws. The truth is, France is not becoming Americanized any more than America is becoming Frenched or even ‘turning Japanese’. What’s happening in France is happening all over developed and developing nations as well. The United States is no longer the great melting pot . . . the world is. France, The United States, Japan, Germany, and other nations are becoming Globalized. While the United States did help set up the platform for most of it, you’ll notice British, German, Japanese, French, Mexican, and even Indian influences in the ‘Americanization Process’. It’s a fascinating phenomenon and it gladly looks like it’s not going to stop!

  • No, I do not think France is getting Americanized.

    While I think a lot of European countries will always show some American type influences, I do not think France is one of them. I think France has done a good job of maintaining their own culture. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they do not think favorably of the USA.

  • They have their own identity.

    No, I do not think that France is becoming Americanized, because there is a lot of patriotism in France that has not changed. If anything, France's politics are becoming more conservative, with the banning of Muslim wear in public, while America is moving more liberal. France is also entwined with the European Union, which is not American.

  • No, Not Really

    I do not believe France is getting Americanized. I believe France has its own unique culture that has never really been influenced by America. On the other hand, I feel when it comes to the fashion industry, America has received a lot of influence from France. I don't think any European nations are becoming more Americanized.

  • Not even close to being a thing.

    No, I don't think France is in any danger of becoming Americanized. While I'm sure that France's cultural purists react with alarm at what they perceive as growing American influence, it's really not an issue. As an American who travels to France regularly, I doubt I'll ever mistake any part of France for an American suburb.

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